by Max Barry

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Joseph Liberty lives on unknown to the public

In an underground prison facility under a mountain in southwest Fluggetry, Joseph Liberty undergoes interrogation by Fluggetrian soldiers, Victor Lloyd and First General Byron Ward.
*in a room behind darkened glass,opposite the wall Joseph Liberty is chained to*
First General Byron Ward- Prime Minister sir, Liberty continues to claim the Republic has told him nothing
*soldiers in the room start yelling at Joseph again, threatening him with stun rods and batons*
Soldier 1- What are the Republic's plans!
Joseph Liberty- i-i don- they didnnt trus me wiss anyfing *he starts spitting up blood*
*Soldier 2 starts setting up a table for waterboarding*
*Victor Lloyd enters the room*
Joseph Liberty- thamk god, Vicky thwese army boys ave been torurin me
Victor Lloyd- Indeed it seems they have
Joseph Liberty- stop em Vicky, yur pwime minster now right?
Victor Lloyd- sure am Joe
Joseph Liberty- torture ain't legal in fwugertry Vicky, you gotta arremst these tyrans
Victor Lloyd- is it illegal to torture a corpse?
Joseph Liberty- wh- what do you mean Vicky?i'm breathing right here
Victor Lloyd- all records say you committed suicide on the 27th, the people of Fluggetry rejoiced at that news by the way
Joseph Liberty- suiside? *he looks down* oh no Vicky, you knew about theses boys taking me didn't you
Victor Lloyd- i ordered it buddy
Joseph Liberty- i am owed a trial! *coughs a few times* the Directorate will hav ya deposed Vicky!
Victor Lloyd- like i'd let them know about this
Joseph Liberty- Victor, let me go! you can't do this!
Victor Lloyd- who's gonna stop me Joe? the Directorate? usually they would be informed by many government members of the operation but me and Ward here have enough loyal members of the government to cover up our actions
Joseph Liberty- i ave no chance then?
Victor Lloyd- seems that way Joe *leans over Joe* this is what happens to enemies of Fluggetry Joe
Joseph liberty- at least tell me how ya did it, i remember an exploshun then bein on ma yacht one second and on a sub the nex
Victor Lloyd- simply put, we had a lookalike knock you out while the guards were distracted with that explosion, you where thrown into the water with weights and picked up by the sub, that lookalike used some of your hair and saliva and burned down your house making it look like a suicide after your house exploded
Joseph Liberty- go to hell Lloyd
Victor Lloyd- not yet Joe, i have work to do
Joseph Liberty- they really didmt tell me nuthin tho, they jus didmt trus me(Joseph is progressively breathing harder)
Victor Lloyd- well if you don't want to tell me, how about you tell my boot?
*Victor slams his boot across Joes jaw, most likely shattering it*
*Victor grabs Joe by his hair to meet eyes*
Victor Lloyd- this won't stop Joe, you know that, now i really don't think they told you anything, your an untrustworthy idiot, but just in case, we'll keep this up until you tell the truth or you are broken, either way i win
*Victor turns around*
Victor Lloyd- Ward, make sure he's keep real safe here
Byron Ward- yes sir, for Fluggetry! *salutes*
*Victor Lloyd salutes back*
*Victor exits the room and heads down a hallway, wearing his grey military getup with cap and leather jacket and all, he brushes back his black hair out of his blue eyes, in the background screams can be heard starting until the door to Joseph's torture room is shut*