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Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay Ltd.

Type: Private

Industry: Fast food/casual dining

Genre: Rivierenlander and (some) foreign dishes

Founded: 1968, 52 years ago. Chur, Rivierenland

Founder: Dolf Ingram & Sharon Berger

Headquarters: Chur, Rivierenland

Owner: Kenny Sullivan

Products: Fish, vegetables, meat, etc.

Website: Hudsonbay.riv

Hudson Bay is a Rivierenlander restaurant chain that specialises mostly in traditional Rivierenlander dishes as well as a few foreign dishes. Founded in Chur in 1968, Hudson Bay operates over 2000 locations worldwide. It's logo features a tree as those are very prevalent in the area containing Chur.

Table of Contents

1. History
2. Worldwide Locations
3. Menu


Berger and Ingram

Founded in 1968 in the Alpina town of Chur by Norwegian-born Dolf Ingram and his Rivierenlander-born wife Sharon Berger, the restaurant was first intended to be oriented around fish and vegetables as those were the local specialties. They opened their first restaurant in the centre of Chur an it stayed that way until 1973 when Rivierenland was struck by an economical crisis. The restaurant was entering in some issues, but Ingram saw an opportunity to invest for later when the crisis ended. He bought three other locations that were being sold for way too cheap by Helvetica Bank. These locations were in Schaan, Vaduz and St. Gallen. Berger tried to convince Ingram not do it, but he did it anyway. When the crisis ended the couple started to set up shop in the new locations. They hired location managers for the new locations and bought an office in Chur to act as the restaurant's headquarters.

Until 1992 the restaurant stayed sort of regional (although they did expand to Zürich, St. Moritz and Konstanz) and the founding couple were still owners. However, in 1992 a French businessman called Louis Ventaux acquired the company for 3500000 Guilders (6260721,26 Guilders today), but let Ingram and Berger stay at the restaurant. Ventaux immediately steered Hudson bay into a different direction it was intended for as the restaurant chain started to sell dishes that weren't local (Dishes that were prevalent in the entire country and dishes that were foreign) as well as expanding the restaurant throughout the entire country and even abroad. Ingram and Berger were outraged by his decisions, but Ventaux promised to give 25% of the restaurant's earnings to the couple. Ingram and Berger got very rich thanks to Ventaux's promise and they both stepped away from the restaurant in 1997, when the restaurant was across the entire country and even served in some neighbouring nations.

The turning point was in 2003, as then the restaurant started serving in the USA. It was a big hit and it started to gain a lot of cash and it started to grow even faster. In 2007 the company was acquired by Scottish businessman Kenny Sullivan. The restaurant's growth curve started to flatten and it started to gain less profit. Today, the restaurant is regarded as the best Rivierenlander-founded restaurant.

Worldwide Locations

Hudson Bay has locations on every continent except Antarctica. It's first location was in Chur, Rivierenland and it's latest location is in Busan, Korea. Listed below in their respective categories are the countries with Hudson Bay locations.

-Regnum Italiae


-Chile and Venezuela
-Newfoundland and Labrador


-New Zealand
-Solomon Islands