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World Expo 2022- Trade and Technology


[u][b][size=175]Trade and Technology World Expo[/size][/b][/u]

[size=90]this event is not organised or endorsed by the government of Conch Kingdom[/size][/align]

The Trade and Technology World Expo is a pan-Telrovan Expo designed to act as a platform for nations to showcase technology and innovations. It will be held in Liberty City, the capital of Liberto-Ancapistan, and will be open to all nations on Telrova (present on the CK world map). Each nation involved will be given the chance to show off their latest technological advances from a pavilion, and representatives of their government (preferably the leader) will be personally invited to attend speeches and conferences in Parliament Tower.  The Expo will run from Monday, 1st June to Sunday 7th June IRL and Thursday 2nd August to Wednesday 8th August IRP.

A special committee comprising of top Liberto-Ancap scientists will choose the most innovative showcase or project to receive the [i]Bannerman Award for Innovation[/i] at the end of the event.

[b]To apply send a telegram to me (Liberto-Ancapistan) which says:[/b]

[b]World Expo Application[/b]
Nation name: (nationstates name)
Government delegate: (whoever is representing your nation at the Expo- the more important the better)
Name of showcase: (the name of your showcase)
Description of showcase: (a description of things you are presenting at the expo)

applications close when the expo begins

[i]note: while military technology is allowed, it is not recommended[/i]

[table][tr][td]Participating nation[/td][td]Government Representative[/td][td]Name of Showcase[/td][td]Description of Showcase[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Liberto-Ancapistan[/nation] (host)[/td][td]Barry Bergen, Chancellor of the Federal Republic[/td][td]The next generation of drones[/td][td]A selection of UAVs displaying the latest such technologies from Liberto-Ancapistan.
 These include a large fixed-wing VTOL UAV capable of flying across oceans while carrying cargo,
 fold-able UAVs which may be stored in large numbers,
 and a UAV capable of carrying four passengers in short-distance flights
(which visitors may take across East Bay).
Refreshments are served from the pavilion's sky restaurant, built on stilts near the landing pad. [/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]FinalDelta[/nation][/td][td]Emperor Lodawawa[/td][td]Ultimate Javelins[/td][td]A showcase of javelins capable of autonomous flight and movement,
as well as with specialised abilities.[/td][/tr]
[/td][td]Anthony Psĥürzy[/td][td]The Zaren Way of Bëmpczveng (a.k.a. Ubermensch)[/td][td]A live ubermensch will be on display.
 Her name is Muü'shtlaa' Zyîrk,
 a Zaren war veteran who has willingly had her DNA spliced with that of the Zaren painted cicada.
 She will show off her ranged and extra-sensory capabilities as if in a battle setting.
 Non-sapient ubermensch samples will also be on display,
 where onlookers are free to examine (not touch) the biomechanical modifications used in state-of-the-art (or mê'sczsĥ sort, as they say in Zarland) Zaren bëmpczveng.
 There will also be a self-serve sczresczsĥo station.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]The Hasrne[/nation][/td][td]Hamilton[/td][td]The Crown[/td][td]A new sattelite able to transmit anything you want, interrupting the signal of every electronic device!
 It has enough power to make big announcements!
 With this every person in the world or a specific country or region hears your speeches and your advices.
 It has the form of a crown[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Creditopia[/nation][/td][td]Chairman of the regency council, Don Tealfields[/td][td]The next generation of cybernetics.[/td][td]A series of experimental cybernetics that will eventually surpass the possibilities of biological bodyparts.
 A lightweight insect like arm that mimics the ability of an ant being able to lift 2x it's own weight,
 and a potential design for a lightweight metal torso that would cover the insides of a soldier under the skin so differences in the body are minimal.
[tr][td][nation]Pervincia[/nation][/td][td]A representative of the Emperor,
two assembly members and security staff[/td][td]Capital Cafe And The Future of Medicine[/td][td]
Capital cafe is a restaurant
The Future of Medicine is a painless injection that can inject medicine into a body with no pain, however it takes a lot of equipment to do.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Brustates[/nation][/td][td]Supero Onmia - Miles Booth
 (Alliance Representative )
Brustates - Kran Nakita
 ( Head Scientist )[/td][td]PIG - Programable Inter - changing Goo[/td][td]The PIG is a blue, jelly - like substance created in the Brustates National Labratories.
 This substance holds the remarkable feature of being able to form into complex compounds
 or machines after being programmed with code, or a headset attached to the brain.
 The PIG can change it's atomic structure to create a wide variety of objects, and,
 due to it's incredible density, It can form into objects much larger than it's original size.
 Multiple microscopic wires that link all parts of the goo to the CPU
 in the centre of the mass can direct energy to the atomic particles to make them form into certain materials.
 the CPU can be hooked up to a computer and be programmed from there,
 or can be hooked up wirelessly to a headset that use brain waves o transmit data from the user to the goo.
 The PIG is in it's beta stages, but it can already has a wide range of uses.
 Later software updates could lead to large vats of goo able to transform into machines as large as cargo planes.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Orwal[/nation][/td][td]Vairtos Delegate Fíntou Bryll[/td][td]a waxmelter.[/td][td]Waxmelters have two functions, 
the first one being the melter and the second one being the centrifuge.
 The melter takes a willing person to be turned into wax. It allows them to shapeshift at will.
 The centrifuge is for if two waxlings get melted together.
 They are first melted and then are placed in the centrifuge to be separated.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]NewArizona[/nation][/td][td] Chell Duckworth
 (former president
 & current head of consumer technology research)[/td][td]Folding & compliant mechanisms[/td][td]Part 1: A showcase of how by folding normally flat technology, such as solar panels,
 they can be made more durable, & more portable.
 This concept can be applied to satellites, police barricades, & consumer items such as cups.
Part 2: Compliant mechanisms are mechanisms that bend rather than having multiple parts.
 They are more durable, precise, portable, easier to produce,
 & scalable to any size, including microscopic.
 If designed properly, even materials such as solid titanium can be bent.
 They can be applied to a countless number of things,
 such as computer chips & commonplace tools.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Kastricia[/nation][/td][td]Minister of technology and innovasion
 Panos Panopoulos[/td][td]Automatic Water Provider "o Neropoulos"[/td][td]"O Neropoulos" is an AI powered system that controls the waterways,pipes and sewers of kastricia for maximum efficiency and to prevent wasting water.
It has helped in ending the various disputes for water between farmers all around Kastricia.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]El Blurkistan[/nation][/td][td]President Tony Boeing[/td][td]Afility[/td][td]Here, on this table, are 12 cups of liquid. 3 with water, 3 with molten rock (lava), 3 with acrylic paint, and 3 with mercury.
 I drop a tablet of Afility into each cup. And in flashes of lightning, the liquid in every cup turns into a chunk of solid gold.
 What happened is that the Afility tablet reacts with molecules of the liquid in each of the 12 cups, some even have their electrons emitted,
 causing the lightning you saw earlier, turning them into gold molecules, and bunching them together to form chunks of gold.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Hill Billy[/nation][/td][td]The CEO of Bill Enterprises
(Hill Billy)[/td][td]Reach for the skies ol' Partner![/td][td]Heya there ol Fellar wanna See in how it feels like Sky High! , Well now you can!
With this piece of machinery on the sky You can Transport people anywear and even have a nice time at the sky...
We are the first one's to be able to make a fully working ELECTRIC not steam powered air vessel it even can charge durin lightning storm
 for ya see it has these little extension that are lightning rods when hit It will generate power... Interisting I Know...
It also has autopilot when the Captain or the flight crew are not present...
 in case of highjacking they will not be able to control the airship whatsover for it requires the retinial scan of the Captain
 but if the Captain is forced to do soo then he must press the emergency button on his radio to alert the authorities...
This Invention was brought to you by Bill Enterprises
[tr][td][nation]Great Austronisian Empire[/nation][/td][td]Prime Minister Alexander Anderson[/td][td]Nanomedicine[/td][td]Nanomedicine has the ability to both eliminate hostile pathogens that enter the body
 and help the body with boosting its immunity from said pathogen through scanning its bacterial structure.
Nanomedicine also has the ability to actively heal all injuries that enter the body, both external and internal injuries like broken bones, internal bleeding, external bleeding, etc.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Union of Saint Lyon[/nation][/td][td]Maxis Gold,
 Founder and CEO of the Gold Conglomerate[/td][td]Aquatic Energy[/td][td]The Aquatic Energy Showcase presents a new type of power generator.
 It first separates water into Hydrogen and Oxygen using electricity and then uses a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity.
 The waste produce is only water, but the generator re-feeds that water into the same tank that the original water is taken from.
 This means that this battery has no net waste and generates electricity at a rate of 1 megawatt, using negligible electricity to sustain itself.
 The Generator is relatively small and can last hundreds of years before the components wear out. 
This generator is a cylindrical object that is only about 1,000 L in volume.
 No more will anyone need to pay an electric bill, as one of these would fulfill the energy needs for an entire building.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][nation]Lutu[/nation][/td][td]Daniel Kahale, Deputy Prime Minister
 and Minister of Scientific Development.[/td][td]Living with Nature[/td][td]Although we have made great strides in technology, nature still has much to show us.
This display showcases designs for sustainable living, based on natural designs.
 It also shows our environmental protection features, such as monitors to prevent Poachers and Loggers.
 It also has a restaurant where visitors can try native Lutan foods such as smoked pineapple and enjoy Lutan entertainment.