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RMB Rules and Etiquette

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[center][font=new times roman][color=#367524][size=175]RMB Rules and Etiquette[/size][/color]
[size=125][url=#Anchor1][color=black]The RMB[/color][/url] | [url=#Anchor2][color=black]Rules[/color][/url] | [url=#Anchor3][color=black]Etiquette[/color][/url][/size][/font][/center]

[box][center][font=new times roman][anchor=Anchor1][size=150]The Regional Message Board[/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]
[font=new times roman]All properties of the Union of Democratic States, including the Regional Message Board, are administered by the UDS Administrative Team. The UDS Administrative Team upholds site rules as a minimum moderation standard. In addition, the UDS Administrative team expects all members to treat fellow players how they themselves would like to be treated. We expect all members to be courteous, respectful, and polite to other players. The rules and etiquette codified below are to be obeyed at all times. All players are expected to promptly comply with directions provided by regional authorities. Impersonation of an administrator is forbidden. Ordinarily, post using full sentences in a recognized variation of English. Should you be fluent in a language other than English, provide an English translation within your posts. Interpretation and enforcement of this document is up to the UDS Administrative Team. Regional administrators may add to this document at any time and may exceed the codified standards.[/font][/box]

[box][center][font=new times roman][anchor=Anchor2][size=150]RMB Rules[/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]
[font=new times roman]1. Flaming, Flame-baiting, Trolling, and Harassing fellow players is prohibited. Flaming is defined as the act of posting offensive or abusive messages. Flame-baiting is defined as posting with the perceived intent of provoking anger. Trolling is defined as posting with the perceived intend of inciting discord. Harassment is defined as aggressive pressure or intimidation.

2. Excessive swearing is prohibited. Excessive swearing is defined as the unwarranted use of offensive language.

3. Spamming, double-posting, and hogging the regional message board is prohibited. Spamming is defined as the act of posting multiple repetitive messages. Double-posting is defined as the act of posting twice when one post would suffice. 

4. Unsightly content is prohibited. Unsightly content is defined as text art, images, and excessive use of capital letters, bolding, italics, and underlining.

5. Plagiarism and quote tampering are prohibited. Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of another author's ideas as one's own. Quote tampering is defined as rewording a quoted text.

6. Unauthorized recruitment for other regions, organizations, and events is prohibited.[/font][/box]

[box][center][font=new times roman][anchor=Anchor3][size=150]RMB Etiquette[/size][/anchor][/font][/center][hr]
[font=new times roman][b]When responding to another player, use nation tags to mention and directly respond.[/b]

[i]The code of your post will include the following:[/i]

[pre][nation=long]Testlandia[/nation] or [nation]Testlandia[/nation][/pre][i]When posted, your post will include the following:[/i]

[nation=long]Testlandia[/nation] or [nation]Testlandia[/nation]

[b]When quoting a long post, use spoiler tags within the quote tags to cut down on the amount of room that your post occupies.[/b]

[i]The code of your post will look like this:[/i]

[pre][quote=testlandia;00000000][spoiler=Snip]Quoted Text[/spoiler][/quote][/pre][i]When posted, your message will look like this:[/i]

[quote=testlandia;00000000][spoiler=Snip]Quoted Text[/spoiler][/quote][/font][/box]

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