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UL-003 The Ministries Act

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[box][font=new times roman][center][img][/img]
[color=#367524][size=175]An Act[/size][/color]
[size=125][color=black]To further detail the processes, roles and requirements of the Ministries in Regional Governance
Introduced into the Senate of the Union of Democratic States on the seventeenth of April 2020.
Sponsored by [nation]Dome Artan[/nation]; Co-Sponsored by [nation]Glaciosia[/nation] and [nation]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation][/color][/size][/center][hr]

ACKNOWLEDGING the Constitutional basis for government ministries established in Article 3 Section 1 Clause 1 through 3 and Article 3 Section 2 Clause 7 through Clause 9;

BELIEVING that for ministries to function to their greatest potential; additional legislation is needed to guide them;


[b]Section I: Definitions[/b]

[list=1][*]A Ministry is an executive department that bears authority over a defined section of regional management as outlined in a portfolio that is established by the President or the law and led by a Minister.

[*]A Deputy Minister is a Ministerial Assistant designated by the President or a Minister to assist in the management of a Ministry or the management of a given portfolio.

[*]A Ministerial Assistant is any citizen that, having applied and been deemed fit for service by a President, Minister or Deputy Minister, assists in the execution of the aims of a Ministry in an official capacity.

[*]A Portfolio is the assigned duties of a Minister regarding a defined section of regional management established by the President.[/list]

[b]Section II: Ministerial Requirements[/b]

[list=1][*]Ministers serve at the pleasure of the President and may be removed from their position at any time by the President.

[*]Following the establishment of a new portfolio, all offices relating to the newly established portfolio shall be considered vacant. Should a given portfolio largely align with a previous Ministry, all Ministerial Assistants may be retained at the explicit direction of the President

[*]The pertinent portfolio of a Ministry must be attached to the Presidentís Minister nomination.[/list]

[b]Section III: Internal Ministry Appointments[/b]

[list=1][*]With the Presidentís approval, a Minister may appoint Deputy Ministers to assist in the management of the Ministry or the management of their given portfolio.

[*]Ministers may not serve as Deputy Ministers in other Ministries.

[*]Deputy Ministers and Ministerial Assistants may serve as Deputy Ministers or Ministerial Assistants in other Ministries.

[*]Deputy Ministers and Ministerial Assistants serve at the pleasure of their Minister and may be dismissed at any time by either their Minister or the President.[/list]

[b]Section IV: The Role of the Minister[/b]

[list=1][*]The primary duty of a Minister is to advise the President on matters related to their portfolio.

[*]The secondary duty of a Minister is to ensure the execution of their portfolio.

[*]Ministers are responsible for maintaining an easily accessible thread for citizens to apply to serve as Ministerial Assistant within their Ministry.

[*]Ministers are responsible for maintaining an easily accessible thread containing an organizational structure chart and a roster of all citizens who fulfill roles within the Ministry.

[*]Deputy Ministers are responsible for aiding their Minister in the management of their ministry and assisting the President in fulfilling the role of Minister should the Minister be absent.

[*]Deputy Ministers may not appoint or remove other Deputy Ministers.[/list]

[b]Section V: Accountability[/b]

[list=1][*]Every Minister shall produce a report to the People corresponding to each month that they are in office, detailing the activities of their Ministry. Such reports may be published collectively by the cabinet.

[*]Ministers shall endeavor to provide timely responses to any questions posed by the People and shall provide testimony to the houses of the Legislature and their committees when asked to do so.[/list][/font][/box]

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