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Reasons for leaving the Unaligned Party.

The Reasons Dr. Max Brown resigned as a senator for the Unaligned Party

Firstly, I would like to establish that there is no disrespect in writing these reasons. But there were some things that happened that I thought was not good for a major party. These reasons are entirely my own on these matters.

1. Lack of organization

The campaign was poorly organized between the founder of the UP (Clippius Maximus) and the candidate Secular Soverign Republics. It seemed that there was no communication between them. I believe that all of his could be avoided if something was done earlier about this.

2. Lack of communication within the party.

The party was the mismatch of communication during the election. The candidate, SSR, was not approved by the founder before they put themselves forward, so this caused a lack of leadership within the party during the election. Also, the founder of the party not communicating through two debates was confusing. Again, I mean no disrespect.

3. The Candidate

I would like to reiterate that I mean no disrespect to the candidate. But I found the breaking of the RMB act multiple times inexcusable for a candidate for the President. I also found that they couldnít explain the UPís aims well enough to be qualified for the position. But I think running for President without the founderís knowledge was inexcusable.

4. The Effectís

I myself found myself in the middle of two powers in the party that were both telling me to do different things. It was a demonstration of the confusion of who is in charge of the party. I took to my judgment and listened to the founder after learning of SSRís non-approval.

Alexander the Magnus was helpful in the way of communicating, and I would like to thank him for that. He did clear up some of the confusion for me.

I believe that the UP needs urgent reform to make sure this never happens again to a major party. And I fully believe that Clippius Maximus can bring about this reform, along with other members of the UP.

Hail the Confederation!

Dr. Max Brown
The Crew of HMS NHS