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Your Pokemon Journey Begins Now!

Something amazing is in the works. From the quiet fields of Pallet Town to the icy mountains of Circhester, the pokemon world is anxious, excited and it doesn't know why. Not yet! But it will and it all starts with you. Speaking of Circhester, this is where your story starts.

While on an research project abroad, two members of Professor Magnolia's research team discovered a truck belonging to Team Rainbow Rocket, long thought to be disbanded being loaded with pokemon whose appearances allegedly do not conform to any known pokemon. The truck was reportedly tracked to a facility in the mountains north of Circhester. You're no pokemon trainer and have no pokemon of your own to speak of. However having overheard the news while making a delivery to Professor Magnolia you hope to get one of these so-called new pokemon for yourself and finally become a pokemon trainer. So you've traveled to Circhester with no pokemon, no help and no plan, risking it all to be the first trainer to get one of these new pokemon! Standing outside an unnatural entrance built into the side of an icy mountain you see two low-level grunts of Team Rainbow Rocket lounging around lazily. You need to get past them! What do you do?

-Throw a rock at the wall past them on the far end of the area.
-Try to catch them off guard by pretending that you have a delivery for them.
-Try to sneak by them through the large pile of snow next to the entrance.

You walk up to the grunts in an act of either boldness or stupidity, "I have a delivery here for a...Gary? My supervisor said the name they were given is 'Gary?'"
The two grunts glance at each other with a look of disbelief on their faces just before they turn back towards you. "Who's Gary?"
The female grunt turns to the male grunt, "Is your name Gary?"

The male grunt shrugs and says, "Looks like my cover's blown. Electivire, I choose you!" The grunt is caught off guard, just long enough to be subdued with a thunderbolt. Gary looks over to you, "You must be the person they sent to help free the new pokemon. Once we're inside just make a right, follow the hall and take the elevator to the fourth basement floor. The pokemon are down there. Here's a keycard for the cages. I'll cover you while you go for the elevator. After the first room you're on your own. Now move it!" You're not quite sure what's going on but you can't argue with the results. This is your chance! While Gary's fighting off frantic grunts rushing to defeat him, you run towards the elevator.

A grunt still stands guard at the elevator however. What will you do?

-Draw the guard away from the elevator by warning him about a spy at the entrance?
-Shout that an intruder has stolen your uniform and is wandering the facility as one of them?
-Pose as a new recruit whom has been ordered by the boss to go to the fourth floor and scrub the floor.

You sprint towards the guard and stop, pretending to be out of breath gasping for air mid-sentence, "Boss wants...fourth basement...scrub floor." The guard is a little more than suspicious,
Really, you expect me to believe that during an attack by an intruder he wants you to scrub the floors on that floor? Who even are you? I haven't seen you around here before." He prepares to grab a pokeball from his pocket.

Pretending to catch your breath you finish your half-baked ruse, "I'm a new recruit. The boss has had me scrubbing floors and doing food runs for weeks. It's exhausting and nothing ever seems to be good enough." The guard chuckles, "Yeah those executives are never satisfied are they? Reminds me of when I was a recruit. Alright go ahead. I assume he gave you a keycard, right?" You raise your keycard to eye-level and hurry past the guard, using the keycard to access the elevator and go to the fourth basement floor.

Entering the room you find yourself in a dimly-lit, dirty room with an enormous cage at the opposite end and no guards at all. They have a sad expression on their faces, looking towards the floor as you approach them. "Don't worry. I'm here to help you escape. You're gonna be just fine. Just follow me and we'll make it out of here safely." You insert the keycard into the electronic lock's slot and the red light turns off, with the green light turning on and the cage opening." You hurredly lead the pokemon into the elevator. At the ground floor the doors open and the pokemon run forth stampeding over the guard. Running back to the entrance you pass Gary, but he's too busy holding off several grunts and a few executives.

However there's still a couple grunts standing in your way. Looks like you'll have to fight your way out from here. You'll have to ask one of the pokemon for help. Three of them step forward, eager to fight for their freedom. Which one will you choose?

-The one that looks like a fox.
-The one that looks like a cat.
-The one that looks like an echidna.

You nod to the pokemon that looks like a fox and it jumps in front of you. The grunt sends out a Zubat, "Get ready kid cuz this is gonna hurt." You don't know what moves it can learn so you just say "Attack!" It uses powder snow. The grunt and his zubat freeze and are now helpless to stop you.

The pokemon run past them and exit the facility, finally free! You watch as they disappear into the dense snowfall. The fox pokemon comes back for a moment to thank you before running off for freedom. You're disappointed that you didn't get one of them yourself but there is a dense forest with a hot spring in the direction they ran. You surmise it must be their home because of the different types of pokemon you freed.

It's the beginning of the...