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Chief of Police

[b]Name:[/b]Calder Tavors
[b]Rank:[/b]Chief of Police
[b]Age:[/b]32[/box][/floatright]Calder Tavors is a native-born HIrelander, who enlisted in the militia at the minimum recruitment age of 18.  He rose to command the arm of the militia guarding the capital and stayed there for the rest of his time in the militia.  When Socialist Sharifistan pushed for the creation of a dedicated police force to handle minor civilian offenses, Tavors was transferred to the newly created force and appointed its chief.  In his relatively short time as chief of police he has already created the stereotype of the "doughnut cop", something which had previously not existed in HIreland since there were no police, and thrown a number of large drinking parties in police headquarters.  Notable solved cases under his command have been the case of the stolen beer tanker, which turned out to have been a result of poor navigation, and the case of the gold thief, which was determined to be mischievous spirits.