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Moderation Rules

Rules for the Debate: 12th of May 2020

1. No personal attacks on nations or OOC.
2. The moderator HMS NHS will moderate the debate and keep it fair.
3. The candidates
Golden Impirial Utopia
Deman Kalan
Ziconean East Indian Company
Secular Soverign Republics
will each have a chance to debate within the RMB.
4. Around halfway through the debate, we shall open for questions from nations to each nation about any party beliefs, and there will be a chance for most questions to be answered.
5. The RMB act will still be enforced:


The Chancellor of the Supreme Judiciary, on behalf of the Supreme Council, decrees the following:

  • This body declares the Confederation's Regional Message Board (RMB) is to be respected as a sanctuary of political and intellectual discussion;

  • This body demands that the RMB is used only for in-character events and/or administrative posting;

    • This body requests that all administrative posts are marked as out of character using "OOC";

  • This body requires that all RMB posts are written in well formatted, comprehensible English;

  • This body outlaws any form of spam;

    • This body considers regional recruitment from outside regions as spam;

  • This body forbids double, triple, or more posting in succession by a single nation;

    • This body exempts Supreme Council and undersecretary nations making administrative announcements from the above;

  • This body grants any nations who hold a seat on the Supreme Council the right to censor comments of nonsensical, proactive or aggressive natures;

  • This body redirects the posting of all off-topic discussion to the Confederation's discord server:;

  • This body instructs all nations to end their communications with the Confederation's motto, "Hail the Confederation!";

    • This body clarifies that shortened or otherwise modified forms of this motto are not permitted;

  • This body warns that a breach, however minute, in the above act will be viewed as an act of insurgency against the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and will be punished via the appropriate legal proceedings; and

  • This body reserves the right to amend the above legislation at any given time.

Read factbook

6. The order of debate will be decided by a random way, done by the moderator HMS NHS, before the debate starts.

Good Luck to all the candidates in the debate!

Hail the Confederation!