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About Me

Kaya, G'day!

Iíve been playing NationStates since 2003 (and still own my copy of Jennifer Government!) Biotopia was originally a democratic socialist country populated by the Ice Planet aliens from the TV show Shadow Raiders. I used to be a member of the AntiCapitalist Alliance region, CACE and the International Fair Trade Agreement. Sadly, most of the players involved have moved on (happily, Iím still in touch with a few And have even visited them around the world).

I came back to NS to make new friends and have a creative outlet. Iím a huge nerd and love strategy and simulation games; I grew up playing versions of Sim City and Civilisation. At the moment Iím into Victoria 2, EU4 and HOI4. If you play any of these, hit me up!

I've always enjoyed using Biotopia to my personal politics. I have created a few other countries over the years including Saint-Sebastian, a country entirely populated by gay men. Some of the influences I've drawn on to create Biotopia include; Yugoslavian economics, Swiss democracy, Australian ecology, and the landscapes of the American South-West And and Australian North-West.

Feel free to message me. Iím always looking to get involved with some RP!

The Commonwealth of Biotopia