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Your safety — in YOUR HANDS!

Since its birth, our great nation has been leading the world in public safety standards. And now, we're pleased to be launching a new system — if you need help, all you have to do is raise your hand! When you do, a police officer will come shortly to assist you.
Don't be afraid to use the new programme. If you're witnessing a crime, have reason to believe that one may occur, are about to commit one, feel threatened, need directions, have a question, are being mugged, are grievously wounded or require resuscitation, would like to lodge a complaint, would like to complain about lodges, are suffering internal bleeding, are vomiting, experiencing severe headaches or migraines, have underlying medical conditions, or are pregnant, just raise your hand! Serious injury or death may occur.
And if you'd like to give us feedback, then guess what — you can raise your hand for that too! But please don't waste our time. We wouldn't want that.

— I. M. Stückheir-Elpp, Minister of Public Safety for The Artwork-Acquisition Androids of Authoritaria-Imperia

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