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The ancient sun-bleached country of Biotopia is centred on a large triangular island surrounded by many much smaller islands. On the mainland a pair intersecting mountain ranges follow two of the three coastlines. Between them is a dry and desiccated plateau that descends towards the alternate coast. The Great Amunzi River is the country's primary river, running across the plateau and terminating in a large delta. Biotopia has large areas of salt lakes, arid scrubland, and eucalyptus forests. Biotopia has a very high level of biodiversity. The biotopian sea serpent is endemic to the country's maritime waters, and inhabits the surrounding reef systems. Biotopia is located on the fringes of the knowable world.

Biotopia is the presumed homeland of the islandís sapient species. Biotopians are warm-blooded horizontal bipeds. Biotopians are obligate carnivores, requiring about 70% of their nutrition from animal products, principally meat. Their diets are supplemented by plants, seeds, nuts and fungi. Biotopians enjoy a very high standard of life.

Biotopians have an ancient and deeply rooted cultural heritage. Their society is notably egalitarian, non-violent, and collectivist. Society is governed by strong social norms, some codified and others not. These place value on a set of seemingly contradictory values: humility and excellence, co-operation and debate, social duty and leisure, tradition and innovation, compassion and endurance. These values tend to be differentiated between social and individual application.

Biotopians are curious but extremely cautious about engaging with outsiders. Despite this, the country is a major foreign aid donor. The state operates on principles of democratic eco-socialism, with most of the economy owned by public or co-operative organisations. Biotopia prioritises self-reliance, especially in essential goods and services. Major industries include information technology, healthcare and medicine, the arts and entertainment, artisanal manufacturing and logging.

The Commonwealth of Biotopia