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The Personal Notes of Dr. Brown attending the Alexandrian Ball

The Ball: 8th of May 2020

I am on the jet, and on my way to the ball. I thought I should wear something formal for this occasion, and so I accessorized my scrubs with cufflinks. My personal security is currently getting ready and preparing their hazmat suits. They are also preparing a medical kit, full of wonderous technology from my nation. If there are any accidents, all of this should help it.

I and my team are greeted by a servant of Alexander. I let him know of our medical capabilities. He shows me to the first leader that I met in person. Queen Lauren and her children Azura and Sylvain, of the nation Espeon LD.

Whilst I am talking to the Queen, a variety of guests arrive. I take note of one guest, that arrived through a portal. A creature that I have never seen before, and my curiosity got the better of me, and I posed a question to one of my workers wondering about the healthcare of this creature's nation. He was very friendly and very hungry.

I left the conversation between me and the Queen. She was friendly. Then I heard the fanfare as the host, Alexander, and his wife Edelgard arrive, and open the guests to the ball. Me and my team head straight to the bar, to find ourselves a drink.

Whilst I was here, the leader of Medici offered me a cigar. I have researched many cigars before, but I have never seen this type before. I asked the General about his brand, and it is apparently famous. I also overheard that in his nation, denying a cigar is punishable by death, so I took the cigar.

He offered me a bottle of wine, from the Medici Empire. I followed suit, and I poured out 5 glasses for me and my colleagues. The taste was exquisite. A real treat for the senses.

After that, I spent most of my time at the bar, taking in the variety of guests and stories that I could hear.

It was a wonderful occasion.