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by The لماذا سمحوا لي أن أفعل هذا 𒆙 of 9003. . 223 reads.

9003's guide to FireFox containerise.

Click this link then the big blue download button
Once done run the exe install file to start up the install wizard
If your computer asks to make changes to your computer click yes
If your computer asks to take over the world say no, unless it is offering to have you as its sidekick then maybe
Let the wizard do its magic, don't worry it won't cast fireball and deal 8d6s of damage to the room you are in.

Open a Firefox window by clicking on the Firefox icon.
Click this link Link
Click the blue add to Firefox button
you will see a colorful icon at the end of the URL bar.

This part is easy! just click the 4 colorful squares
Click the pen icon labeled CSV editor
Then enter the following make sure to change nation_name to a puppets name, Each line will be a different puppet.

@^.*\.nationstates\.net/(.*/)?nation=nation_name(/.*)?$ , nation_name
@^.*\.nationstates\.net/(.*/)?nation=nation_name(/.*)?$ , nation_name

What these lines do is matches anything as long as nationstates is in it then anywhere else .net is in it and then later still nation=nation_name is in it then anything can be on the end, The you might want to change the nation= to container= when it comes around to Z-day or N-day if you want to nuke yourself or a puppet.