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Secretary General

Political position: Center-left

Tullius Karpos

Socialisma Partio (SP) is a political party that sits at the center-left of the political spectrum. Since April 11, 2019, it is directed by General Secretary Tullius Karpos, proclaimed during the celebration of the 1st Party Congress.(Socialism, Social democracy).
The SP was founded for the purpose of representing and defending the interests of the working class emerged with the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century.
The policy of the periods has been defined as socioliberal - and close to the neoliberal - the applied policies of a "centrist" HI could be qualified as "liberal-progressive." Another series of authors has supported the critical characterization of «Neoliberal» of economic policy.
Several sources have assigned the party to social democracy. The current economic policy of the SP has been defined as neoliberal.
The Socialist Party is committed to a left-wing economic vision based on the popular ownership and operation of industries, a living wage, caps against excessive corporate salaries and robust protections for workers.
Bet on a secular state model, in addition to defending abortion in cases of danger to the life of the mother, fetal malformation and rape In recent years, the SP has been positioned in favor of gay marriage and a law of abortion of terms.


Secretary General

Political position: Right-wing

Zephyros Acacius

The Capitalism Now Party (Esperanto: Partio Kapitalismo Nun . "The Liberals") is a Carthaginian political party founded in april 11 , 2019 that promotes a classical liberal platform.(Liberalism, Classical liberalism, Globalism)
Based on classical liberalism and Age of Enlightenment philosophies, the party advocates for a minimal state, where the responsibility of government is limited to administering the police, military, and justice system. The Capitalist Party believes that the state should be prohibited from compelling its electorate, and exists only to protect individuals from aggression, theft, and fraud. In accordance with the party's motto, the foundation of this platform holds that an individual owns his or her own life, is responsible for his or her decisions and prosperity, and that each has the inherent right to autonomously pursue his or her private interests to the extent that those pursuits do not violate the rights of another.
With convictions firmly rooted in the values of New Carthagian constitutionalism, the Capitalist Party believes in the separation of powers between the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. This system of checks and balances will, according to the party, ensure that personal freedoms are secure and will prevent the rise of statism.
Economically, the party is dedicated to laissez-faire, which advocates for a free market, devoid of invasive regulations and taxation. The party views individual sovereignty as an inalienable natural condition, and holds that regulatory practices impede upon self-determination and self-ownership, thereby inhibiting individual freedom and innovative productivity. To that end, people should collaborate freely, under peaceful and voluntary conditions, without the coercion of state intervention.
The Capitalist Party advocates for a gradual dismantling of the warfare-welfare state and encourages people to get off the bandwagon in the future when they have had enough of personal freedom. The Capitalist Party has also ended the debate between Libertarians and Objectivists by simply agreeing to postpone the debate till the Night-watchman state has been reached. The Capitalist Party does have a defined philosophy based on classical liberalism making it easier for its spokespeople to answer the hundreds of detailed questions coming from a potentially hostile media in the future.


Secretary General

Political position: Radical centre

Nona Gratiana

The Liberal Democrats are a liberal political party in The Nova Kartago.
This alliance was formalised as the Liberal Democrats. Under the leadership of Nona Gratiana.(Liberalism)
Positioned in the centre ground of new carthagian politics, the Liberal Democrats are ideologically liberal. Emphasising stronger protections for civil liberties, the party promotes socially liberal approaches to issues like LGBT rights, education policy, and criminal justice. Different factions take different approaches to economic issues; a classical liberal faction promotes greater economic liberalism, while others endorse a social market economy. The party is pro-Region , supporting continued Nova Kartago membership of The region and greater integration. It calls for electoral reform with a transition from the first-past-the-post voting system to one of proportional representation. Other policies have included further environmental protections and drug liberalisation laws.
The party is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for The League of Conservative Nations and Liberal International.
Within the Liberal Democrats, the two main ideological strands are social liberals and classical liberals, the latter supporting economic liberalism. The principal difference between the two is that the classical liberals tend to support greater choice and competition and aim to increase social mobility through economic deregulation and creation of opportunity, whereas the social liberals are more commonly associated with directly aiming to increase equality of outcome through state intervention. Classical liberals tend to favour cutting taxes for the poorest in order to increase opportunity, contrasting with social liberals who would rather see higher spending on public services and the disadvantaged in order to reduce income inequality.
The group opposes what it regards as illiberal policies and abuses of power, such as detention without trial, while advocating employee share ownership, tax cuts for those on low and middle incomes, the right of citizens to freedom of information, and of their right to personal privacy.


Secretary General

Political position: Centre-right

Julia Romilius

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) is a liberal-conservative political party , founded in April 15,2019 .(Populism)
The PDP is liberal-conservative and conservative-liberal, supports economic liberalism. There are also multiple ideological factions in the party, including the national conservative faction, the national liberal faction, the Christian conservative faction and so on.
The basic principles of the party's program are "low taxes, public finances and future without debts, support for families with children, addressable social system, reducing bureaucracy, better conditions for business, a safe state with the transatlantic links. "
Many prominent politicians in the party openly oppose political correctness.
PDP also supports the right of law abiding citizens to own and carry firearms.
Streamlined government servicesAllowing MPs free votes on moral , issues , An elected senate , Decentralization , The right to own private property , Reducing grants and subsidies to businesses , Supply management for agriculture , Oil extraction , Free trade , Publicly funded healthcare , Public pensions , No to reopening the abortion debate , Prohibiting assisted suicide , Mandatory minimum sentencing , Bilingualism , Multiculturalism , Increasing military spending to 2 percent of GDP , World Assembly membership , Excluding abortion funding from foreign .


Secretary General

Political position: Left-wing

Theocritus Nikolaos

The Loyalty and Progress is a left-wing political party in Nova Kartago.
Founded in April 15, 2019 .(Ethical and liberal socialism)
The fundamental values of the Loyalty and Progress are equality, freedom, sustainable development, and democracy. They think democracy must be strengthened, must be stronger than the power of capital and should challenge global capitalism. Important values also include global solidarity, stopping political polarisation in Nova Kartago, freedom and the right to work and income for all people, and environmental consciousness. The party is for equality in all its forms and identifies strongly as feminist and anti-racist as well as supporting economic equality. The party supports introducing a basic income and prioritises the weakest members of the society.
The party is a strong supporter of human rights, the rights of minorities, and democracy.
Other important issues for the LP are globalization based on solidarity. To that extent, it seeks to reform the World Trade Organization, as well as environmental protection, and support feminism.and is in favour of strengthening and expanding the welfare state.
The party believes there is place in society for all forms of diversity, including gender, sexuality, disability and ethnic background. It also advocates for a larger public sector, among other things, to improve quality of life for public sector employees.
It also proposes greater support for developing countries through a doubling of foreign aid
The party operates on the fundamental belief that peace is preferable to war.


Secretary General

Political position: Far-Left

Aesop Heroidias

The CUP is a Far-left political party in Nova Kartago.
Founded in April 15, 2019 .(Communism)
Political sphere. Liquidation of presidency as an institution, strengthening of democratic measures of state and public life; electoral legislation reform ensuring a proper share of representation of workers, peasants, intelligentsia, women, youth in the Parliament of Nova Kartago and local government; introduction of practice to recall deputies and judges who received vote of no confidence; election of judges of prime level; filling with real meaning and proper financial support regional and local government; introduction in the country a system of public control; creation of labor group councils vested with powers to monitor economic activity of businesses; suppression of corruption, organized crime, particularly in the upper echelon of power; elimination of benefits and privileges for officials; ; comprehensive development of New Carthagian language and culture, granting the Punic language the status of state language; changing of New Carthagian's state symbol, lyrics and music of the State anthem.
Economic policy. Modernization and public control over economy, nationalization of strategic businesses; establishing a competitive state sector of economy, energy independence; reforms in Agro-Industrial Complex, Housing and Communal Services, etc.; prohibition of private property.
Social sphere. Liquidation of poverty, social justice, system of progressive taxation and state price regulation, free medicine, secondary and tertiary education.
Spiritual sphere. Quality youth politics; preservation of historical and cultural heritage ; increased punishment for distribution of narcotics, human trafficking, prostitution, promotion of pornography, violence; combating immorality, vulgarity, cynicism, national chauvinism, xenophobia, falsification of history, fascism, neo-Nazism, anti-Communism, ; banning of neo-Nazi organizations in Nova Kartago, criminal penalties for acts of fascism; freedom of worldview and expression of faith, secular state.
Foreign policy. Non-aligned military status, independent foreign policy, active position on creation of a new system of collective security, reform of the Armed Forces of Nova Kartago.


Secretary General

Political position: Far-Right

Timothea Eudokia

The National Front is a Far-right political party in Nova Kartago.
Founded in April 15, 2019 .(National conservatism)
The National Front is an independent political formation, whose goals are to unite the New Carthagian people residing within and outside the borders of Nova Kartago regardless of gender, religion and social status. The party strives to create the conditions of spiritual, cultural and political unity of the New Carthagian people within and outside of Nova Kartago. The National Front advocate high economic and educational development of New Carthagian as well as strengthening the legal basis of the Nova Kartago state, institutions, and for the prosperity of the country and improvement of the material culture of the New Carthagian people.
The party's objectives included opposition to communism and socialization, reducing taxes, deportation of migrants convicted of certain crimes, increasing social services, restoration of full employment, opposition to salary rises for politicians, and support for states' rights.
It advocated the return of the death penalty, denial of all applications for political asylum, and the reintroduction of the use of convict labour.
The Party asserted that "Nova Kartago is not a country of immigration."
Economically, it supports regulated liberalism with privatisation and low taxes, combined with support for the welfare state; however, it maintains that it will be impossible to uphold the welfare state if current immigration policies are continued.


Secretary General

Political position: Centre

Nicanor Caius

The Republican Party is a Center-Big tent political party in Nova Kartago.
Founded in April 3, 2021 .(Big tent)
Big tent or catch-all party is used in reference to a political party's policy of permitting or encouraging a broad spectrum of views among its members. This is in contrast to other parties that defend a determined ideology and seek voters who adhere to that ideology and convince people towards it.
The main focus of the party is on anti-corruption efforts while developing civil society and democracy in Nova Kartago and promoting the country's economic development.
A party's policy is based on "freedom, responsibility, democracy, equal opportunity, education, support, tolerance and concern."
Specifically, it contains elements of cultural and economic liberalism and social reformism.
For example, it supports multiculturalism, work-based immigration, gay rights, and same-sex marriage.
Supporting more social liberalism, such as increased social security and the welfare state, which was justified by increasing individual freedom.
A party supported a foreign policy based on non-alignment.
In the economic sphere, the party adopts policies based on the alternative industrialization of imports and advocates for a mixed economy where the public sector controlled by the government coexists with the private sector.
Opening up areas for foreign investment, reforming capital markets, liberalizing domestic businesses, and reforming the trade system. Rao's government goals were to reduce the fiscal deficit, privatize the public sector, and increase investment in infrastructure
The party found strong support primarily from the middle class.

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