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"...Hello guys, David here, and this is the Official Factbook of Orientia..."

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Welcome To Australia-Orientia's Official Miscellaneous Information Center!

Feel free to read the various threads in the Factbooks & National Information forums that I've posted a reply on, explaining Orientia's stance on many issues or just details to flesh out its lore/background story. Also feel free to drop a telegram @ me if you'd like to comment on any or if you have any suggestions!

(!) Disclaimer
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This Article Is Available At Different Language, English and Nusantaran


Frequently Assumed Asked Things - FAAT

Q: If Your Country Name was Australia-Orientia, What the heck are Catlanonia?

Seriously? There's an explanation for this, go read the Overview/Etymology for the explanation. But, if you're quite lazy to open it, I will explain it for you.

So the Catlanonia is a name came from aboriginals and indigenous language which is form like this

Catlan' O Nia

Which means "Land Surrounded By Sea", (this is a fiction work, okay?). Often, Catlanonia is spoken between indigenous peoples or natives in the Orientian continent.

If you're an indigenous people in Orientia, you can say that "I live in Catlanonia Republic" , Different story if you're a European descent, you will say this "I live in Orientia Republic", Yea this often make a gap between indigenous people and the European descents.

But, the Europeans also understand if you're saying the name Catlanonia. They'll understand, and maybe this is their answer: "Yeah, Catlanonia is a beautiful country, eh?".

Q: What just you say? Orientia? If your country is an Alt-History Zealandia, why didn't you name it Zealandia?

Firstly, you must now that Zealandia is a name of the Continental Crust below New Zealand. So that's the name Zealandia came from, if the New Zealand is named as New Ulster, the Continental Crust must by named as Ulsterandia, right?

OOC: Zealandia Continental Crust superimposed at present-day New Zealand

It's impossible that European explorer such as James Cook, who in this Alt-History founded the Orientian continent, named the new continent Zealandia? Are they time travelling, or what? So I searched for other possibilities of naming the new continent. So I found Orientia. The Australia sure is founded first, and "Zealandia" later, Orientia is a simplified English for Orientis, a Latin word which means "Eastern".

"Zealandia" location is Eastern side of Australia, so Orientia is a right choice for naming, They're any possibilities that the continent's name was Cooksland or Tasmanland, but they decided to named it Orientia.

Q: But, Why did East Australia joined the Republic in 1932 then?

There's a big explanation for this. So, IC Orientia is populated more than Australian continent (except the West side, which was colonized by French and Dutch). Why did this happen? It's because the Orientian continent is much fertile than Australia continent. BUT WHY? You can found it on a YouTube video Linkhere, I don't have all day to explain it.

So the population boom in Orientia makes their population (in 1930) is over 100 million, while the East Australia only have 10 million population. So for strengthen the economy and population, Australia runs a referendum, the result, is really shocking, Australia leaves the Commonwealth and joined the Republic Union as other Congressional State.

Forum Posts

Taken from "If I said that I'm an atheist in your nation?" thread.

If you declare yourself an atheist, the answers that will emerge will vary. If you claim that you are an atheist in the northern part of Orientia, most people consider it a matter that does not need to be cared for and most will leave and indifferent to you.

But if you say you're an atheist in the Eastern and Western region, you will be considered by peoples as something quite negative. Our own country does not have a definite law that atheists are prohibited, however, rather limited, especially in the eastern and western Orientia. If you're saying you're an atheist, most likely your house and resident will visited by few pastors and missionaries, or they just sending you an email. They will talk to you while drinking hot chocolate, and ask you some things. Just answer it and relax.

If you're want to be an atheist forever, and live in the cities like Felltonia, or Christchurch, better move to Naumea or Oraquate in the north. They didn't think of you like someone from another planet.

Taken From "Famous female rulers of your nation" thread.

1. Her Hon. Anna Fairer

Elected at 2017 alongside with President Vincent H. Michael, Prime Minister Anna Fairer has done extraordinary things for the past 3 years. As a first female Prime Minister, she shocked The Republic with infrastructure development that connects Valanoa Island with Orientia Main Island. As a result, The Valanoa-Orientia bridge is the longest cross-island bridge in Asia.

Not only that, the opening of the Free Trade Agreement with Libya also includes things done by our Prime Minister. The opening of this trade also included a "prize" for the Nationalists who had won the newly completed Civil War.

Our Prime Minister also raised the economy by opening up the South Coast tourism sector and also increasing the productivity of the Orientia industry.

2. Queen Mina from Kalaboa

Another famous ruler of Orientia, (or formerly known as Kempubumi). She was the first queen of the Kempubumi Empire who succeeded in uniting 5 city-states under the rule of the ancient Kempubumi in 1553. She was also the first queen of the Empire to successfully see and have contact to the European explorers (Dutch) for the first time.

Taken From "Your Navy's registration" thread.

The official Catlanonian / AOR naval ship registered as RSS. In English RSS stands for Republic's State Ship. The registration is used in later 1970, before that, ORS (Orientian Republic Ship) are used for registration. And when Catarelia stills become British Commonwealth, it registration was HMOS or His Majesty Orientian Ship

Hull Classification:
DDG: Guided Missile Destroyers
CG: Guided Missile Cruisers
CSGN: Guided Missile Strike Cruiser
FFG: Guided Missile Frigate
MC: Mine-countermeasure ships
CVN: Aircraft Carrier
MBC: Main Battle Corvette (Republic Coast Guard)

Class Name are determined by the types of the vessel, as follows:
  • Aircraft Carriers: Use the name of Alphabet Classifications or former British Aircraft Carriers, e.g. Oscar-Class.

  • Strike Cruisers: Names of big island and historical British Ships, e.g. Seacrapper-Class.

  • Amphibious Assault Ship and LHD: Use the name of star constellation, e.g. Capricorn-Class.

  • Destroyers: Names of the cities, small islands and states in ANZR, e.g. Rockhampton-Class.

  • Cruisers: Names of meaningful English words, e.g. Revolution-Class.

  • Frigates: Use historical event and Nation's Hero, e.g. Serenence-Class.

  • Submarines: Name of major cities and sea name, e.g. Austral-Class.

  • Corvette: Name of culture or traditional weapon, even a national animal, e.g. Boomerang-Class.

Besides the Navy, RCDF (Republic Coastal Defense Forces) also operate ships with RCDS (Republic Coastal Defense Ships) for registration. Also, the civilian ships, Custom Protection, and Police Water Patrol classified as RSV (Republic Small Vessel).



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However, I have an old countries that I create in gabut times such as Haderland (will CTE), Entralia (will CTE too), Ostellia (will CTE), South equator (will CTE), and All South America (already CTE)

Frequently Assumed Asked Things - FAAT

Q: W-Wait, so you're Indonesian?

Technically yes, I live and born in[CLASSIFIED], Indonesia (even though I've kinda German-Spanish descent but, it doesn't matter), I'm also a good citizen of Indonesia and always pay taxes for those filthy corruptor peoples. I love my country even it's... Yes I can't say you it's bad, but, Indonesia is one of beautiful places in my whole life.

Q: If you're Indonesian, what winds that brings you to create country that located in Australia?

Screw you if you asked this for me. Firstly, I really like Australia, New Zealand too, I'm also planning to continue my study in one of Universities in Australia or New Zealand. ALSO, I like alternate-history, especially the Sunken Continent topic.

AND ALSOOO, are you forget I also have Hindia Timur Raya which a country that located in IRL Indonesia?

Q: Personal Information? Like Age, and do you have... kinda girlfriend I think?

I will tell it to you, my real name is [CENSORED], I born in [CENSORED], and now my age is [CENSORED], about girlfriend, sadly I don't have it yet, but I do have a close friend and she is a girl, same age as me. Her name is [CENSORED], the one who behind South continental (or you can say she's that nation's admin), Yea, she screw up that nation, and I the one behind her nation's broken NS Stats. I met her since Senior High School, and we're planning to study together at [CENSORED] University. I wouldn't tell you her personal information, she will broke my neck.

Q: What nations did you stand for? Or just like it, and also what nations do you hate?

Nein sceiße! (no sh*t!), This is a hard question, but I still want to answer it, I support (personally): my glorious nation Indonesia, The World Superpower United States of America, The ex-commie Russian Federation, The waifu center Japan, The "Rule Britannia" United Kingdom, and of course the twin of the Pacific, (which is my IC Nation), Australia and New Zealand.

Now nations that I kinda didn't like personally... What could I say? Maybe People's Republic of China (noted: under the glorious Xi), I think China could've been a better communist state if it's not for claiming other people's clay. But, I must say that I didn't dislike China, China is a great country, with all of its success, given its a de jure communist state.

Q: Your hobby and interest?

I have interest at many topics...



  • Making Maps

  • Online and do nothing while in NS

  • Sports

  • Watching movies

  • Music things (guitar, piano, drum)

  • Writing stories


  • Military Aircraft (really guys I like it so much, if you think you like it too, Telegram Me!)

  • Naval Warships (same as military aircraft, I like it too)

  • Tanks, Military vehicles

  • Dinosaurs

  • History (especially WW2)

  • Alternate Scenarios

  • Science

  • Animals (cats and dogs of course)

Q: What devices that you're using and what do you prefer? Dark Mode or Rift/Default Mode (Mobile)?

Oh, I currently using mobile phone and a laptop. But I usually use my phone to login into my NS accounts. And laptop is just for editing random stuffs. Oh yeah, in Mobile, I prefer the Dark Mode, because I like it, and it's like comfortable in my eyes.


  • The Name Catlanonia is really just a fiction work, it's a word that randomly out of my tounge. So I write that on my first time making NS Nation. At the beginning, the Classifications of this nation was Moralistic Democracy with a low civil rights, average economy, and good political freedom, didn't believe, eh?

  • I just find NS randomly while I searching for Online Nation Simulator in Google one year ago. After I make my nation, I invite my (close) friend (which is she likes nations simulators btw, basically all simulators) and I say: This Web is exciting!, and she went online too the next day.

  • I like telegrams, if you have some topics that we can talk, just Telegram Me!

  • I never get out from Indonesian archipelago, and even the island that I residing in.

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