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Parliament of the Kovka Republic

VIth Parliament, 2016-2021

Republican Party of National Restoration (RPNR)
Founded: 1892 (National Republican Federation), 1990 (Republican Party of Kovkastan), 2008 (Republican Party of National Restoration)
Merger of: National Republican Federation, Republican Party of Kovkastan
Ideology: LinkStatism, Linkcorporatism, Linkmarket socialism, Linktechnocracy, Linknationalism, LinkEuroscepticism
Political position: LinkBig tent
Leader: Markar Kosorov
MPs: 184/300
Communist Party of the Kovka Republic (CPKR)
Founded: 1920 (Communist Party of Kovkastan), 1991 (Communist Party of the Kovka Republic)
Preceded by: Communist Party of Kovkastan (CPSU)
Ideology: LinkCommunism, LinkMarxism-Leninism, Linkneo-Sovietism, Linkmarket socialism, Linkagrarian socialism, LinkEuroscepticism
Political position: LinkLeft-wing to Linkfar-left
Leader: Artur Ovesian
MPs: 21/300

National Unity Party (NUP)
Founded: 1994
Ideology: LinkPaternalistic conservatism, Linkchristian democracy, Linksocial conservatism, Linkchristian corporatism, LinkEuroscepticism
Political position: LinkCentre-right to Linkright-wing
Leader: Vahan Grigorov
MPs: 4/300

United Democratic Movement (UDM)
Founded: 1988
Ideology: LinkLiberal conservatism, Linkcivic nationalism, Linkeconomic liberalism, Linkanti-communism, Linkpro-Europeanism
Political position: LinkCentre-right
Leader: Levon Esmerian
MPs: 75/300

Awakening -- Party of Social Democrats (A-PSD)
Founded: 1889
Ideology: LinkSocial democracy, Linkdemocratic socialism, Linkleft-wing populism, Linkleft-wing nationalism
Political position: LinkCentre-left to Linkleft-wing
Leader: Varos Sorokian
MPs: 10/300

'New Way' Alliance (NWA)
Founded: 1998
Split from: United Democratic Movement
Ideology: LinkThird Way, Linkradical centrism, Linksocial liberalism, Linkeconomic liberalism, Linkfederalism, Linkanti-Russian sentiment, Linkpro-Europeanism
Political position: LinkCentre
Leader: Serge Arshanov
MPs: 6/300

Radical National Irredentist Party (RNIP)
Founded: 1993
Ideology: LinkAnti-Turkish sentiment, Linkethnic nationalism, Linkirredentism, Linksocial conservatism, Linkneo-fascism, Linkright-wing populism, LinkEuroscepticism
Political position: LinkFar-right
Leader: Davros Inarkian
MPs: 0/300

Kovka Ecological Party (Greens)
Founded: 1995
Ideology: LinkGreen politics, Linkeco-socialism, Linksocial democracy, Linkprogressivism, Linkpro-Europeanism
Political position: LinkCentre-left
Leader: Anna Sichian
MPs: 0/300

Democratic Renewal Party of Kovkastan (DRPK)
Founded: 2002
Split from: National Unity Party
Ideology: LinkNational conservatism, Linkchristian democracy, Linksocial conservatism, Linkeconomic liberalism, Linkpro-Europeanism
Political position: LinkRight-wing
Leader: Alexei Kezerian
MPs: 0/300

Socialist Alternative (SocAlt)
Founded: 2007
Ideology: LinkSocialism, Linkcommunism, LinkTrotskyism, Linkleft-wing populism
Political position: LinkFar-left
Leader: Hera Kadyan
MPs: 0/300

Kovka Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (KCP-ML)
Founded: 2008
Split from: Communist Party of the Kovka Republic
Ideology: LinkCommunism, LinkMarxism-Leninism, Linkanti-revisionism, LinkHoxhaism
Political position: LinkFar-left
Leader: Loris Pshenokov
MPs: 0/300

Transparency and Democracy! (TD!)
Founded: 2013
Ideology: LinkAnti-corruption, Linkanti-establishment, Linkdirect democracy, Linkpopulism
Political position: LinkBig tent
Leader: Amiran Rokyuni
MPs: 0/300