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TWP May 2020 Elections

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May Elections

What's going on?

TWP elections are upon us! If you're a member of the LinkHall of Nations, you can Linknominate individuals and Linkvote in our elections. If you don't know what any of this means, check out the Manners of Governance.

Who's nominated?

Round 1 - Nomination period: May 4th-7th, Voting period: May 7th-10th

Note: "Candidate" means that a nation is officially recognized by the Speaker as a candidate. "Nominated" means a nation needs to accept their nomination in order to be recognized. "Declined" means that a nation was nominated by another nation but declined their nomination. "Withdrawn" means that a nation was recognized as a candidate but asked to withdraw their candidacy.

Who won?

(100% Reporting, 7:00am Pacific, May 10th)

Speaker of the Hall

Total Votes: 57

Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs

Total Votes: 57

Deputy Minister of World Assembly & Recruitment

Total Votes: 56

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Total Votes: 57

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