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by The Red Deruuu Vassal of Infidel State. . 16 reads.

The History Of Infidel State

The Beginnings
In the year 1900 a rejected religious sect landed on the shores of what is now the Confederacy of Layem. They founded the city-state of Jerusandbox.

Inspired by a fake news advertisment, the people of Jerusandbox believe that one day the heavens will fall out of the sky; crushing all mortals below. The only defense against such apocalypse would be to wear a hat, preferably made of tinfoil.

The first tinfoil hat factory was established in 1902.

The Golden Age of Fancy Hats
Jerusandbox would become the leading trade hub for hats all across the region. 1920 is considered to be the start of the tinfoil golden age. Diversification and consumerism led to a wide array of fancy hat products.

Notable infidel statean hats include: the classic tinfoil, the tinfoil top hat, the tinfoil crown and the tinfoil helmet.

In the same year all 635 hat factories united into The Fashionistas Guild. The extremely fashionable hat industry supplied everyone with unprecedented wealth and headwear.

This wealth attracted massive amounts of foreign recruits, who happily converted to the weird state religion and were given their own hat (for free!).

The Coup
Disaster struck however. In 1932 The Hat Fashionistas Guild overtrew the government and replaced it with foreign bureaucrats from Deruuu, in exchange for complete economic control.

The nation was renamed to Infidel State by the new Pastafarian overlord Drew Durnil. He also appointed a crazy person as Duke to tend to the states affairs.

The Deruu administration then rewired the internet and took over the media to constantly stream youtube videos. Everywhere all day at max volume. Liking the videos is optional therefore generally not done.

My location is Hat Satisfaction Centre 124b. I am being forced to write boring history bulletins /advertisements to promote Infidel Statean hats.
Please send help!