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Dual Citizenship in Cheddar

Dual Citizenship!

!>Warning<! If you want to become a citizen of Cheddar (not dual citizenship), then click here.

You wanna be a citizen of Cheddar, but are in a different region? No problem! First, your nation must meet these requirements:
  • Your nation has been a part of Cheddar for at least a week

  • The region your nation is in has an embassy with Cheddar

  • You are not banned from Cheddar

  • You are active at least once every 4 days in Cheddar

You do not have to follow this list if you have been one of Cheddar's citizens before (meaning you are in the graph at the bottom of this list). You will only have to telegram Awesomeland012345 if anything has changed from what the graph says.

Telegram Awesomeland012345 using this form:

Main Nation Name:
Puppet Nation Names:
Region Your Nation is Currently in:

You'll be registered here!

Written on 5/3/2020
Telegram Awesomeland012345 if you have any questions.
Written by Awesomeland012345