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Dukin’s Flag Kibble (paused)

Update: Dukin's Flag Kibble is on pause for the foreseeable future. Don't worry though! It will start up again.
Welcome to Dukin’s Flag Kibble! Using the power of photoshopping you will find a list of flags so far featured in being eaten.

Why is this a thing? Because its fun of course! That and I need some photoshop practice.

But first, some rules:

  • Users will be telegrammed for permission before flag is featured

  • Conversely, if a user wants their flag featured, telegram Dukin Donuts

  • New flags will be featured daily

  • Flags have to have a symbol that can be “eaten”

  • If a user is unhappy with having their flag featured, telegram your concern and it will be taken down

  • This is for fun, not to make fun of

The flag that started it all was not actually created by Dukin Donuts, but made was made by Norweia.

It inspired Dukin Donuts to create more flags featuring the same idea.

Next on the list is the Haudegen Reich. Needless to say Haudegen had some choice words on the matter.

Even going as far as to make this stunning beauty of vexillology.

The Cosmic Mainframe was kind enough to be “eaten” next. no vore implied

Cosmic, much like Haudgen responded similarly.

Dukin Donuts tried to eat my flag, and now it's broken.

Enormous waves of thanks to Valentine Z for letting me feature this flag.

I think the catgirl matches up well.

Through a rather unusual word choice, New Spiedska is next on the list.

Right after Spiedska is Coryanhafflaruda with this adorable flag.

Aurevbush is next on the list with this super cute flag

Aurevbush responded to the flag with this post on Using the AN’s flag, how do they deal with traitors II.

Kind enough to be “eaten” next is Kuriko.

Truth to be told that this was panicky, early morning photoshop but the result is still good.

Dominioan is next to be featured with this cute flag.

Arcadia requested to be next on the “eaten” list.

Arcadia was thinking ahead of time and complimented this featuring with this.

As well as this addition to their sig:

—NS police, what's your emer—
—My logo was stolen!

Hatsunia is next with this cute Hatsune Miku eating the national vegetable.

ShadowClan is the next to be featured with this cute noddle-slurping cat.

Kerolsima is next on the non-existent list with this lovely flag.

Oh No! There were no requests today! The catgirl is sad :(.

Feeling pity for hungry catgirls, Khoronzon is next on the list.

Khoronzon responded with Dukin Donuts ate my flag, so I ate their soul.

Voxija’s flag proved the most difficult to make and should be used as an example of a flag that is not suitable for Dukin’s Flag Kibble.

Though thank you Voxija for the request.

Guardians of the Rhine is next with this cheesy flag.

The next German themed nation, NGR, is next.

The Empire of Dukin Donuts