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CCD Cracks Down on OOC Fascism

Commission to the World Assembly. 03-05-2020. ShrewLlamaLand.

To the Confederation, and to the NationStates community as a whole,

I want to begin this statement by reiterating that the Confederation is, as it always has been, a region of roleplay. The Confederation will not, and should not, police how nations may or may not roleplay in-game. We are not a fascist region, we are an IC dictatorial region, but we welcome dictatorial nations of all types: right-wing and left-wing, capitalist and communist, and yes, nations roleplaying as fascist dictatorships.

I do want to stress, however, that this tolerance applies strictly to nations roleplaying in-game. Recently, it has come to my own attention, as well as the attention of Jocospor, the Imperial Council, and indeed the Confederation as a whole, that OOC fascism has become a large issue that exists not just within the dark fringes of the internet, but as a real part of the NationStates community. OOC fascism has been present within regions we have chosen to align ourselves with, both in NationStates and in off-site platforms such as Discord, and to limited extent, within the Confederation itself.

Let me make this clear: it has never been my intention, nor the intention of Jocospor, nor any other nation that has ever served on the Imperial Council (or its predecessor, the Supreme Council, for that matter) to allow or encourage the spread of real-life heinous ideologies, such as Nazism or fascism, outside of NationStates.

A few days ago, comments were made by a certain region's officers in their off-site Discord server. Jocospor and I were shocked by the nature of these comments, immediately cut contact with this region, and demanded that all regions within the IRX, an alliance of far-right dictatorial regions, follow this example. Unfortunately, their regional leaders refused, and some even defended these horrific comments - this ultimately resulted in the Confederation withdrawing from IRX and cutting ties with all regions involved.

Following the fallout from this, and further investigation into this matter, Jocospor and I have decided that the only reasonable course of action to take is that the Confederation must crack down harder on OOC fascism, both on and off-site. The Confederation is the largest force of dictatorships throughout NationStates, and must serve as a positive example to all aspiring collections of totalitarian states.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Valerox will soon begin the task of contacting all of the Confederation's embassies self-identifying as fascist regions. These regions will be asked to confirm that their support for these ideologies does not extend OOC, and will be required to close any regional embassies with regions that the Confederation has identifed as OOC fascist. Those regions that confirm their support for OOC fascism, refuse to close these embassies, or outright refuse the Confederation's contact, will no longer be welcome within our interregional community. Henceforth, The Confederation commits to cutting all contact with regions either permitting the spread of OOC fascism, or aligning themselves with those who do, and all such regional embassies will be closed.

Unfortunately, the two regions named in our previous dispatch, Nazi Europa and The Union of the Greater Axis Powers, have refused to respond to the Confederation's request. Our regional embassies are being withdrawn as you read this.

Going further, the Confederation has committed to cracking down harder on our regional Discord server: the recent introduction of a #reporting channel will hopefully assist in more consistently censoring these posts, and regional officers will strive to increase discipline, and more quickly ban nations involved in posting content related to OOC fascism.

Once again, the Confederation is a region of roleplay: heinous OOC ideologies are not welcome in our region, and dare I say, not welcome within the NationStates community as a whole.

Hail the new Confederation!

The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand
Commission to the World Assembly

on behalf of

Imperial Council
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Authorised by The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand. Copyright 2020.


The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand