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The Grey Wardens - Defenders Outnumber Raiders

A dramatic recreation of tonight's events, starring TGW and Friends as The Cavalry


2ND OF MAY 2020

Reports have been coming in from a major engagement in the far north near the aurora borealis. A small union had formed there, against all odds, naming themselves after the magical lights that would dance and ripple above their heads in magnificent shades of green, pink and blue. While only a small community, blissfully ignorant of the Darkspawn blight that was marching in their direction, the ever-vigilant Grey Wardens and a plethora of allies came to their aid on short notice. While tonight was only scheduled to be a routine patrol, the week had been dedicated to festivities and competitions of skill and ability in the field. While normally the stoic Grey Wardens would avoid such frivolities, this event has been centered around the fight against the Darkspawn and offered a phenomenal opportunity for skill-honing. Prior to the update, in fact, there had been extensive competition in the art of spotting Darkspawn, an appropriate event for such a night.

As the scheduled retinue of Wardens and Allied Forces patrolled the Northern Wilderness, they spotted an ominous sight. While prepared for skirmishes and small raid parties, the tracks that were being picked up represented something much more significant. With no time to waste, a messenger was dispatched to raise the banners, and forth came many a brave soldier to stand in the path of The Blight. Over twenty Defenders arrived on short notice to combat the dark foe. While the night was quiet, vigilance is most important when it is peaceful, and there would be nothing standing in the way of victory in tonight's chapter of the war. As the Blight Hawks and their followers rushed forth towards the small settlement of Aurora Union, they were brutally intercepted by Defender forces. Not even needing support from the native population, the defending forces inadvertently brought so much power to the fight that they were able to take control and remove all of the Blight from the region. The Darkspawn horde was wiped out before it even had a chance to to inflict even one casualty. With recent times hampering the quantities of available troops, tonight demonstrated what could be done when the Wardens and their comrades demonstrated their full potential.

While there were no other formal battles, the Darkspawn did attempt to strike again in a futile attempt that ultimately was simply unable to reach their target in time. As Defenders rejoiced the safety of the union that had formed in the northern steppes near the aurora, an odd cave system was noticed on the charts of the region. After some perusing, it became clear why they were in this region and what exactly this was. While marked on the map simply as Dragon, maps of the are in the archives of Weisshaupt Fortress indicated a more troubling truth. The shape of a dragon perhaps, but a slumbering Old God was certainly likely. With no time to lose, the Wardens set off in a charge for the cave, seeing bands of hurlocks and genlocks peeling out of the forests charging for the same area. While all but one of the defenders was too late, the darkspawn also failed to arrive in time. As Commander Tim Stark stood defensively at the cave entrance, having beaten in every single individual except for the Darkspawn lead themselves, a ceiling collapse in the first chamber limited access, until the next minor update to the area's topology would likely reveal another entrance.

Today the Darkspawn failed. Everywhere they turned, they were obliterated. May this be a turn of the tide.

OOC: Seriously, can we talk about how nuts today was as a scenario. Like, I don't even mean to gloat, but I cannot remember the last time defenders legitimately simply outnumbered raiders on an occupation attempt defense rather than relying on a native or a pre-move. Even more than that, we pulled troops short notice as hell and still got 20+ people. Hopefully this keeps up, because I'm 2 for 2 on winning updates since unretiring from R/D, and I like being able to claim I'm the catalyst.

Region Defended

Aurora Union

Region That Tim Beat Every Single Darkspawn Into


Wardens Present

First Warden Benevolent Thomas
Chamberlain Haku
Commander Tim
Commander Vincent Drake
Constable Nakari
Lieutenant House of Cards

Allies Present

RRA Jamie
RRA Fauxia
RRA Frattastan
RRA Libetarian Republics
RRA Karputsk
RRA Neop
RRA Sarah
LILY Sweeze
SPSF Vietnam
SPSF PhoenixOfTheSun
TITO Mingulay Isle
TITO Ayunliz
TITO HumanSanity
TITO Grea Kriopia
TITO The Tasmanian Islands

In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.