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Republic Union | Relationship and Embassies (REVAMPING)

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“...Orientians are free to establish a good relationship with others, but it is necessary to sort out which ones are good and which ones can bring you down...”

— James Farman, AOR President, 7 August 1960

The Republic Union of Orientia and Australia

W E—T H E—P E O P L E—

Department of Foreign Affairs
Tuhinga O Mua

Ministry Overview


7 August 1900


Central Connien Boulevard,.
Oraquate, State of Northcoast


Republic Union Government



Senator Channing Coleman

Deputy Minister

Mr. Van Der Scheiner

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, simply called Foreign Department or DFAT for short is an organization which is a branch of the Government of the Republic Union which aims to establish and maintain relations between Orientia with other countries, other regions, and other bilateral organizations.

The Head of Department is currently held by Senator Channing Coleman with Deputy Minister Van Der Scheiner. The Department of Foreign Affairs has opened embassies in more than 100 countries that are affiliated with the United Nations.

Not only that, DFAT is diligent in working relations and communication with the Franklinton-Felltonia Pact countries. Although they have shown their involvement in the bloc, Orientia still maintains good relations with countries that are not included in the bloc.

The functions of the department are broadly classified into the following matters as laid out in an Administrative Arrangements Order issued on 18 September 2013:
  • External Affairs including:
    • Relations and communications with overseas governments and United Nations agencies
    • Treaties, including trade agreements
    • Bilateral, regional and multilateral trade policy
    • International trade and commodity negotiations
    • Market development, including market access
    • Trade and international business development
    • Investment promotion
    • International development co-operation
    • Diplomatic and consular missions
    • International security issues, including disarmament, arms control and nuclear non-proliferation
    • Public diplomacy, including information and cultural programs

  • International Exposition

  • Provision to Orientian citizens of secure travel identification

  • Provision of consular services to Orientian citizens abroad

  • Overseas property management, including acquisition, ownership and disposal of real property

  • Tourism industry (international)

  • International development and aid

  • Development and co-ordination of international climate change policy

  • International climate change negotiations

The department maintains offices in each state and mainland territory to provide consular and passport services, and to perform an important liaison service for business throughout Australia. In addition, it has a Torres Strait Treaty Liaison Office on Thursday Island. Additionally, the department manages a network of over 90 overseas posts, including Australian embassies, high commissions, consulates-general and consulates.





New aquitane

Ambassador Le Connor

70 Grand Horse St., Benelux District, Port Blue 13307

The Thalassocracy of Imperial Majapahit

Ambassador Kristiarto Legowo

5 Silver Blvd., Wallonga District, Felltonia 14003


Ambassador Alex John

1 Sid Alfred St., Central District, Alexandria 77501

The Holy Shattered Pink Republic of Rakjat Semesta

Ambassador Hellen B. De La Vega

15 Fort Donner Blvd., Sond District, Felltonia 55751

Sovereign Chinese Union

Ambassador Gary Wan

2 Corey Blvd., Tanager District, Sydney 75671

South continental

Ambassador Beryl Sisulu

2 Courageous St., Sond District, Oraquate 45362


Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi

15 Helena Blvd., Sond District, Felltonia 33021


Ambassador James Choi

2 Connington St., Tanager District, Oraquate 54563


Ambassador Aleksey Pavlovski

25 Connington St., Tanager District, Oraquate 31092


Ambassador Ridwan Jaatwat

3 Central Dome Blvd., Central District, Alexandria 77123

The Republic of Sovereign Bharat

Ambassador Harinder Sindhu

37 Three Kings Av., New Zeeland District, Port Blue 14010

The United kingdom of Robynia

Ambassador Vicki Treadell

1 Fell Peninsula Av., Southwest District, Felltonia 11298

People's Republic of China

Ambassador Chingye Cheng

7 Ballbearing Av., New Zeeland District, Port Blue 77512

The Constitutional Monarchy of Azharian

Ambassador Christophe Pennot

50 Fell Peninsula Av., Southwest District, Felltonia 77512


Ambassador Tim Kane

10 Wanonga Blvd., Western District, Sydney 22376


Ambassador Joan Trudell

13 Ximole St., Valkyrie District, Felltonia 11298


Ambassador Saad Al-Mahmoud

9 Melanoa St., Northern District, Felltonia 22901

The Meritocratic States of Paneda

Ambassador Ekaterini Xagogari

6 West Vilnus St., Golfer District, Sydney 56189

Republic of greater germany

Ambassador Christoph Mόller

3 Fell Peninsula St., Southwest District, Felltonia 52456

New cassadland

Ambassador Ali Mahmud

6 East Vilnus St., Colombia District, Sydney 52718

Republic of Egypt

Ambassador Claude Massey

8 Canonia St., Turner District, Xystonia 86767