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The Grey Wardens Defend Everything

Darkspawn thorns are no match for breezy Warden Steel

Hello Gameplay! The Wardens are back to winning ways! In tonight's patrol, The Order of The Grey Wardens and our staunch allies defended Everything.

The haters said that we couldn't possibly defend Everything, but we made short work of it. Tonight, without a doubt, Everything was successfully defended.

Tonights patrol started off a bit hectic, as nobody was really sure what to expect with all the recent migrations happening. It was likely that it'd be an extended patrol, due to all the extended area that would now need to be covered, but such is the life. As the Feathered Darkspawn rallied from their Nest and deployed on their raids, the initial skirmishes were short-lived and saw numerous defeats. There were a lot of factors to consider here, of course. The Darkspawn rally was a bit unexpected, and the brave defending troops worked with haste to rally their numbers. Commander Tim was heeding nature's call, Commander Vincent Drake was off catching wild creatures, and Chamberlain Haku was having issues with his armor. Fortunately, matters were sorted, swords were drawn, and Lieutenant Pyrohy answered the call for battle to boot!

Swiftly deploying after the Darkspawn, the Grey Wardens and their allies quickly saw their ability to defend everything successfully confirmed. Though the enemy was plentiful, we had secured a numerical advantage, which helped considerably due to all the difficulties accessing certain paths to battles thanks to Large Aggressive Giraffes. While the enemy had secured many an early victory, now they fell to our swords at every turn. Where Darkspawn went, Wardens would follow.

The enemy even tried using more advanced tactics, placing down thorns for us to trip up against in our charge towards them, but bypassing those ended up being a breeze. In the end, our foe was driven back to their Nest from which they brooded and loomed. Multiple Darkspawn grunts came to bolster the enemy at the edge of their cave systems, but they didn't emerge again. While it left us in a lonely vigil for the rest of the patrol, The Grey Warden mantra rang true. In War, we found Victory. In the following Peace, we remained Vigilant. All in all, a victorious night, defending more than the Black Hawks were able to raze. As said, we defended Everything. ;)

Regions Defended

World Defense Force
OEU Puppet Poole
Black Sea Union
The Atlantic Union
The New World Society
Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself
League Of United States
Chinese Communist Wizardry
The Allied Nations of West Davenport

Region Detagged


Wardens Present

Chamberlain Haku
Commander Tim
Commander Vincent Drake
Lieutenant Pyrohy

Allies Present

RRA Jamie
SPSF Phoenixofthesun

DKP Allocated

+15 To All Troops

In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.