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Irretrievable posts of win

In case the posts cannot be reached on their respective forums, they go here. It's pretty simple.




• [Welcome to the spoiler! ^.^ You are a great person and you should love yourself!]
Looks like Valentine Z has infected another survivor. The cheeriness is spreading. All is lost.
-From this thread, about a user's signature.


[In response to Chernoslavia: Oh but you see it's better he ends up costing thousands of dollars per year cuz killing is bad m'kay?]

    1. Capital punishment is actually more expensive than life imprisonment.
    2. Capital punishment is, in fact, bad, even for Nazis.
    3. The longer they're in, the more of a chance there is that they'll truly renounce their actions, and agree to help prevent others from copycatting them, which is an obvious net benefit to society.
    4. Even if they don't, executing them only gives their movement the martyrs it craves.

-From Charlottesville attacker gets life sentence

Valentine Z

• Add cartoon weapons of sheer destruction.
-From this thread.
• I will have to say Japan, given the cartoon culture. Not necessarily because of "Yay, anime!" all over, though... I'm sure they might have a degree of anime, but if you look beyond that, RL Japan actually has a lot of other cartoons going about, all decorating the city very nicely.Either Modern Japan, or 1980s-1990s US where Saturday and Sunday cartoons took the kids by storm.
-From this thread [as Garden at 6th Mile Road].


• [05:09] Voc: "time to lore some goddamn ipsum"
[05:09] Voc: obv
-From a Discord server.

Yegla islands

• With half of F7 buried under low-effort posts and threadjackers, can Astoria survive les mois de troublés?
-From this thread.

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