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Nacheon Announced Lift of Religion Ban

Nacheon Announced Lift of Religion Ban

By Abby Derendinger, SNN International Relations analyst
Updated 11:07 PM NOTZ, Wed April 29, 2020

(SNN - Sincho, Kuveria) - Just months ago, Emperor Minseok II, the leader of Nacheon, placed a ban on any and all forms of worship towards a being, and it didnít matter what group of being was being worshipped whether that was God or Buddha or a cult. Religion was all banned in Nacheon. Thousands of cultists within the mainland were cracked down on and were captured. Priests were imprisoned and cultists were killed.

The Imperial Army worked together with the Police Force and Kaewon Konstructs in order to destroy places of worship around the country. They reasoned that banning religion was the first step in order to ensure the Scientific and Technological Supremacy of the Empire. Nacheon continues to be an economical, technological, and scientific powerhouse of the world, and they were like this before the religion-ban. Later on into the ban, the question was brought up to the leader, and they stated this, foreshadowing an end to the ban.

"Well, it is currently being discussed as of this moment, however, I can assure you that the ban may be lifted sooner or later, as we are well in the way of deciding our official religion and how to punish those who instead follow dangerous cults such as those that we had raided during the first weeks of the ban."

This affected the main religion in Nacheon as well. And this was followed up. Just a week ago, the Emperor lifted the ban. The national religion was allowed to be worshipped meaning that people could go back to worshiping God, just him this time, however. As of now, the Government is cracking down on any religion that isn't Christianity. Cultists are still being cracked down upon because of their danger to the public. The Emperor has likewise expressed that if any occurrences were to happen once more, especially from any less-known religion or religion based around an individual that is as yet alive or as of late passed on inside the previous 200 years, it will be grounds to boycott said religion and have all adherents be captured.