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President McLemon

Brief Summary:

Larry von Oiuea Mooz Khan of Wack von Hoinikaji Pork Macaroni Hippo McLemon, is the president of the Wack-i Federation. He stands strongly right wing and will order the government to silence any leftist Wackies. He is mostly seen doing rallies for the Wacko Party or seen riding a tank in a military outfit in a parade... in Wacks Square.. (reminds you of someone...). He's also a nuclear maniac that will almost immediately any opposing country, so when nuclear weapons are on sale he jumps straight to the market, buying lots of them... oh and some candy. He has also lifted some censorship policies in the past few years. He has also declared himself leader until he dies... which is a long time since he's 28, Wack-i's youngest president, and the Wack-i life expectancy is almost 150 years.

Early Life:

The parents of Larry were descendants of one of the biggest warlords in the warlord era, who had defendants in tons of other warlords, so they crammed all of the names into their newborn sons name. Now thats outta the way, onto the main paragraph(s).
Larry was born in 1992, into a middle class family in Federation Valley, Wack-i. He wanted power, studied history, did many normal things as a kid.

Teen Years:

Larry continued to study history and mechanics, also doing small experiments at home. He was hoping to go to a technological college, then later reconsidered as soon as he discovered more about history. He wanted to become a big politician.


The politics school (Wack-i Politics University of Federation Valley) Larry applied for rejected him, so he ended up going to Wack-i Tech. He did some big experiments and got the Wack-i Tech Degree (also Wack-i college is weird, you clap and they think you just re-invented the wheel). He decided to re-apply for the politics school, WPUFV, seeing his big works at WT, let him in. Then bam, he finally got his Wack-i Politics Degree.

Politics before reign:

After Larry graduated, he packed his bags and went to Wack-i City, the Vegas of Wacks, to try and get into some political stuff. He was a senator for a couple years. (Now keep in mind he's about 25 at the time, making him one of the youngest politicians in probably the world.) Then was vice president for Henry Stockhalt, who's term was about a year. Then a few more years pass by and Larry's finally elected in 2017 as the president.


Since Wack-i law is well, wacky. He wasn't stopped even though he was like, 26. His oath of office was just "Thanks. Now wheres my comfy chair?". In 2018, he started trying to strengthen relations with other countries, especially nearby since an anarchic dictatorship was nearby, so he founded The Lemonea Council (Lemonea). He also installed some new policies, such as the Wack-i Annex and Accept Policy Law, L.I.D (Lemonea Installation Decleration), Wack-i Weapons of Mass Destruction Policy, and some others. He also lifted some censorship policies. On August 8th, 2019, he announced he would take office as long as he lives, also bringing the nation into the World Assembly so they can bring suggestions to the world, this has now been considered void due to a tweak to the Wack-i Government.

On September 25th, 2021 a suspected terrorist of sorts attempted to assassinate McLemon by gunshot, he has survived, but brain damage is severe, he is now under supervision of a "WackyH" and the council.