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NationStates Flag Bracket - Final Results

The NationStates Flag Bracket! Final Results
Over the course of the past two months I have been running a bracket to determine which flags are the best of NationStates! After two months of exciting competition, the winner has been determined. Thankfully, it got archived, but in the case that it didn't happen, I decided to post this dispatch!

Original Thread: viewtopic.php?p=36769474
Flag Bracket II: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=484437
Our Winners

Match History
Final Round: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats South Pacific - Drongonia Concept 23-10.
Semifinals Match 2: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Drongonia - Alternate flag 24-17.
Semifinals Match 1: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) 11-8.
Top 8 Match 4: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Kafair 9-8.
Top 8 Match 3: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) 7-4.
Top 8 Match 2: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) 10-4.
Top 8 Match 1: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats South Reinkalistan 17-12.

Top 16 Match 8: South Reinkalistan defeats Thakia 12-11.
Top 16 Match 7: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Cantelo 11-9.
Top 16 Match 6: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) 9-4.
Top 16 Match 5: Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) defeats Astoria 9-8.
Top 16 Match 4: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Sadakoyama 13-11.
Top 16 Match 3: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) 14-5.
Top 16 Match 2: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) 9-6.
Top 16 Match 1: Kafair defeats The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag 12-11.

Top 32 Match 16: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats The Vanic Imperium 16-8.
Top 32 Match 15: Thakia defeats Ssejekistan 8-4.
Top 32 Match 14: The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag defeats Drongonia - Main flag 10-2.
Top 32 Match 13: Kafair defeats Onfande - Main flag 13-9.
Top 32 Match 12: Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Satuga 13-4.
Top 32 Match 11: Cantelo defeats Kandorith 9-7.
Top 32 Match 10: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Haruhi Japan - Main animated flag 17-2.
Top 32 Match 9: Sadakoyama defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 1 23-2.
Top 32 Match 8: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats The Grob - NS Flag 11-2.
Top 32 Match 7: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Khoronzon 12-9.
Top 32 Match 6: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Chinese Congo Submission 2 9-8.
Top 32 Match 5: Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) defeats Wochaystein (submitted by Diarcesia) 15-6.
Top 32 Match 4: Three-way match - Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) wins, Oysen Empire (submitted by Ssejekistan) is second and Mel Taruhm (submitted by Eotenses) is third; vote total is 10-6-4.
Top 32 Match 3: Three-way match - Astoria wins, Aurevbushan Kingdom (submitted by Aurevbush) and Chinese Congo Submission 3 tie for second; vote total is 10-3-3.
Top 32 Match 2: Three-way match - Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) wins, Korean Proletarians is second, and Sahaz (submitted by Onfande) is third; vote total is 13-6-5.
Top 32 Match 1: Three-way match - South Reinkalistan wins, The Cosmic Mainframe - Reboot flag is second, and Losphorotoene (submitted by Diarcesia) is third; vote total is 11-9-2.

Top 64 Match 32: Thakia defeats Aurevbush 10-7.
Top 64 Match 31: Chinese Congo Submission 3 ties with Aurevbushan Kingdom (submitted by Aurevbush) 11-11.
Top 64 Match 30: Veskrona (submitted by Khoronzon) defeats Imperial Mexican States (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 11-3.
Top 64 Match 29: Drongonia - Alternate flag defeats Renascento - Son of the Miracle flag 22-1.
Top 64 Match 28: Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 1 defeats Greater Cosmicium - Five Star Cross 19-17. A decision to overturn this round was itself overturned.
Top 64 Match 27: Liberty Federation of Aurevbush (submitted by Aurevbush) defeats Duravia 17-0.
Top 64 Match 26: Onfande - Main flag defeats Biscany 9-5.
Top 64 Match 25: Wochaystein (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Sirrimia 13-6.
Top 64 Match 24: Astoria defeats Diarcesia 11-9.
Top 64 Match 23: Kandorith defeats Onfande - Alternate flag 15-4.
Top 64 Match 22: Haruhi Japan - Main animated flag defeats Strahcoin 15-11. A decision to overturn this result was itself overturned.
Top 64 Match 21: Mel Taruhm (submitted by Eotenses) ties with Oysen Empire (submitted by Ssejekistan) 7-7.
Top 64 Match 20: The Cosmic Mainframe - Reboot flag defeats The Grob - Coat of Arms 18-2.
Top 64 Match 19: Victoriaans Nederlands (submited by Valentine Z) defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate animated flag 3 24-1.
Top 64 Match 18: Chinese Congo Submission 2 defeats Jeyes (submitted by Eotenses) 17-14. There are allegations of cheating in this round, but they are not substantiated.
Top 64 Match 17: Kafair defeats Third ZSeparatists 19-2.
Top 64 Match 16: Sahaz (submitted by Onfande) ties with Korean Proletarians 9-9.
Top 64 Match 15: The Vanic Imperium defeats Renascento - Peacetime Banner 12-7.
Top 64 Match 14: The Cosmic Mainframe - Globe flag defeats Eotenses 18-4.
Top 64 Match 13: Cantelo defeats Unitarian Universalism (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 26-2.
Top 64 Match 12: Satuga defeats Khorzromoth (submitted by Khoronzon) 13-6.
Top 64 Match 11: Khoronzon defeats Haruhi Japan - Alternate Animated Flag 2 19-2.
Top 64 Match 10: Ssejekistan defeats Personification of Valentine Z 21-4.
Top 64 Match 9: Hylvoria (submitted by Diarcesia) defeats Chinese Congo Submission 1 20-16.
Top 64 Match 8: Valentine Z - Animated flag defeats Ergoslatic (submitted by Strahcoin) 30-4.
Top 64 Match 7: Sadakoyama defeats Montevento 26-22.
Top 64 Match 6: South Pacific - Drongonia Concept defeats Pax Somaliana (submitted by Korean Proletarians) 24-1.
Top 64 Match 5: South Reinkalistan ties with Losphorotoene (submitted by Diarcesia) 13-13.
Top 64 Match 4: Norcott (submitted by Drongonia) defeats Iazyges (submitted by Eotenses) 15-11.
Top 64 Match 3: Drongonia - Main flag defeats Renascento - Wartime flag 18-9.
Top 64 Match 2: The Grob - NS Flag defeats Nucleous Union (submitted by Strahcoin) 28-5. 7 flags from 6 submitters were added late.
Top 64 Match 1: Nexitros Stratuss (submitted by Valentine Z) defeats Renascento - Peacetime Flag 16-10. 1 flag was added late.
Accepting Submissions: Received 56 flags from 23 submitters

Submissions Archive
Thanks to everyone who participated, both those who won big and those who lost early on, and those who didn't submit a flag.
64 flags from 30 submitters total.
8 flags from 5 submitters in the top 8.

Globe flag - Defeated (Top 16)
The dark colors combined with the globe represent the Mainframe's interconnected nature and its total dominance over various planets. Based on this: LinkFlag of the Internet.

Reboot symbol flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The reboot symbol was chosen to represent the nature of the Mainframe: a computer, constantly upgrading itself.

Veskrona - 3rd
The post-revolutionary flag of the unified Veskronan state was designed by Shioris Valthar himself before he became the nation's Commandant, a few years into the Revolution when he took charge of the Futurists and solidified their ideology based on his own. The hammer and cog represent industry and technology, while the sickle blade represents agriculture. Together, they represent Veskrona's new age, and its driving forces and core tenets - prosperity, strength, advancement, and labour. The red symbolises the strength and vitality of the nation, as well as its lifeblood, both in the sense of shared blood and in the sense of revolutionary bloodshed. The black bars around it symbolise the nation's unbreaking unity and common will, while the white field stands for hope, clarity, and rejection of ignorance, additionally being inspired by the land's deep, cold winters and boreal climate from which the Veskronan people emerged.

Khoronzon - Defeated (Top 32)

Khorzromoth - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Coat of Arms - Defeated (Top 64)

Main flag - Defeated (Top 16)

NS flag - 6th
The eagle has always been an important bird to South Reinkalistan; the sword it clutches in this flag represents the nation's militarism, while the grain represents its agricultural past. The six stars in the eagle's chest represent the six provinces of the People's Federation, and the big 8-point star at the top is the "Red Star of Tosdoda", the symbol of the state religion's God.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Eotenses - Defeated (Top 64)

Iazyges - Defeated (Top 64)

Jeyes - Defeated (Top 64)

Mel Taruhm - Defeated (Top 32)

Onfande Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)
Ever since the Onfandeen Transition Period (2073-2075), we have used this flag as a national symbol. The Onfandite flag stands for 4 things: The monarchy, the waters, the nature, and the culture. The reason that we have chosen this flag is because the former flag of Onfande was decided to no longer suit our needs, due to many in the international community saying "it looked like a badge, or a rank (" So, this flag was created in response. It has the same dimensions of the previous flag, but is somewhat more complex. In the center of our banner, is the symbol of the current ruling family in Onfande, who are known as "the best rulers of Onfande" due to how friendly, and incorruptible they are. (excluding an incident that happened in 2112)

On the sides of the flag are a symbol of our diverse culture, with them representing our purity, and nature, but as well as the history of this nation, with much of the red color on the flag representing those who died to bring us glory. As for the main part of the flag, which is blue, it represents our nature as well, mainly the water, due to the majority of our land being on a beautiful island.

Onfande Alternate flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Color White: Purity, Honor, Royalty
Color Navy: Royalty, Peacefulness
Color Burgundy: Signifies the bloody history of this nation.
Fleur de Lis: The nation is based on French cultures.

Sahaz - Defeated (Top 32)
Color White: Purity, Royalty
Color Yellow: Honor, Weather
Color Blue: Naval history, Peacefulness

Main animated flag - Defeated (Top 32)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 1 - Defeated (Top 32)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 2 - Defeated (Top 64)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Alternate animated flag 3 - Defeated (Top 64)
I'm not really sure how to explain my flags but let's just say that William Afton (AKA: Purple Guy) has done some pretty messed up things in his life and he feels nothing but sorrow and regret for what he did to the 5 missing children. Basically, just read up on the lore behind FNAF and then come back and tell me what you think.

Present day - Defeated (Top 64)
Original design from Interior Secretary Thomas Natborough under then President Adam Watkins in 201 ALA as a simple red saltire on a white background similar to that of the Kingdom Flag, but then added some bolder and darker shades of blue and green to represent Aurevbush's new set of ideals (peace, freedom, and justice) for its bicentennial. The blue represents the big beautiful sky, freedom and perseverance,
green triangle on the bottom represents
the majestic landscape of Aurevbush's nature and the planet's children that call Aurevbush home.
WHITE sides: Peace, innocence, and serenity
Red Saltire: Heritage, valor, and strength

Aurevbushan Kingdom - Defeated (Top 32)
Red and white saltire was the original symbol and part of the original coat of arms of the preceding kingdom of Aurevalle (May or may not point to references of the St. Andrew's cross). The Blue represents Loyalty, Unity, and Aletness with the green bottom triangle representing the Hill of Lappenport where Andrew the Grand declared a mountainous victory over the invading Ronosaran forces and boasted victory at Castle Lulilio. The crown is self explanatory. First established as early as Year 2 BALA. Variants of the Kingdom flag include several coats of arms from the precursor kingdoms that have established the Aurevbushan Continental Dominion subsequently.

Liberty Federation of Aurevbush - Defeated (Top 16)
On 13th of Leandry, 131 ALA, when word broke out that the Imperial Prateorian guard prohibited further gatherings at urban areas, Leo Gouto and his Rebellion decided that maybe the better solution would be to break away from the kingdom and form their own nation independent of its realms. The New Republican Symbolism Committee held a month long contest to determine what flag would be suitable in representing the new born nation's fight for individualism and sovereingty. The design shown here won by a landslide.

13 red and white stars represented the thirteen inviolable rights or 13 provinces of the kingdom that separated first (contrary to the popular claim to socialism). The red representing the blood and sweat driven from industrial workers and soldiers, the white representing the hope and purity of homewives and nurses, and the green represented the land and vegitation planted and reaped by farmers across the land. Today, it is used as a symbol of Aurevbush's first struggle for liberty in a historical era and can be found in many civil rights protests across the country.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Drongonia Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)

Drongonia Alternate flag - 4th

Norcott - 7th

South Pacific - Drongonia Concept - 2nd

Chinese Congo Submission 1 - Defeated (Top 64)

Chinese Congo Submission 2 - Defeated (Top 32)

Chinese Congo Submission 3 - Defeated (Top 32)

Strahcoin - In Top 32
The current leader of the nation, who was born in America, somehow ended up on the land, saved a starving tribe, and established a constitutional capitalist republic that continues to prosper. The blue, red, and white stripes represent the nation's loyalty and patriotism to America and its values (even though it's an independent nation), while the yellow coin (supposed to be a Strahcoin, the currency of the nation) and the brown briefcase represent its devotion to free-market capitalism. The lightning bolt represents the nation's support for science and innovation, which (along with the capitalism) helped the people here from struggling to feed themselves to enjoying modern to futuristic luxuries.

Ergoslatic - Defeated (Top 64)
Before the Ergoslatic Revolution, Ergoslatic was an empire led by an absolute monarchy. However, not many were happy with this. The current leader of Ergoslatic - Joleneir Pytoun - organized the Ergoslatic Revolution to overthrow the monarchy and establish socialism. The revolutionaries succeeded, and the Empire of Ergoslatic became the Socialist Federation of Ergoslatic. This new economic system is represented by the seven stars on the flag (there are also seven federated states in Ergoslatic), with red representing revolution and bloodshed. The burning Strahcoin was added on the right to show Ergoslatic's contempt for the constitutional capitalist republic and its intent to destroy the right.

Nucleous Union - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 64)

NS Flag - 5th

Main flag/Chrysolynx - Defeated (Top 64)
Before reading further, try to guess the meaning of the flag.

The lynx symbolizes the Barrier, the Salvation, the Mark of Endurance, for our founder Arcesius was delivered from an arrow that would have ended his life by this creature as he was hunted down by his so-called friends. The red symbolizes the sacrifice, the new overcoming the old, the Sea of Blood, for this is the price that the Mark of Endurance paid to ensure Arcesius's survival. The First Monarch took the Creature with him, healed its scars, and became his loyal companion.

The X-Dossiers has exposed a second conspiracy, this time involving the House of Arkess, who it claims has been hiding the truth about the Diarcesian Unification for years. If true, this would mean that even though the Monarchy has claimed otherwise, the father of the First Monarch is actually the real author of the Diarcesian flag, as well as other symbols and devices associated with the Monarchy.

Hylvoria - Defeated (Top 16)
The dark green background symbolizes its jungle environment. The lighter green stripes symbolize the taming of the land on the Hylvorians' arrival. The number of stripes (eight) stand for the historical cities in the realm. The center stripe represents the Protathlete River, that the background is diagonal underscores the rivers' significance to the realm. The emblem is the royal family's crest.

Losphorotoene - Defeated (Top 32)
Located in a tropical climate with a maritime-oriented culture, the center yellow stripe symbolizes the shoreline and their sea-longing. The blue stripes on both sides symbolizes their historical reputation as prolific seafarers. A lot of them were explorers and pirates. It means that whether east or west, they are present in its oceans. The turtle emblem is for the constancy of the water, land, and the people. The arrow stuck in the turtle shell (added after the Diarcesian conquest) stands for their resolve that even if their way of life gets threatened, they will still remain intact. No, it's not a reference to anything at all.

Wochaystein - Defeated (Top 32)
A vestigial theocratic empire with its emperor also head of its church, the colors were inspired by the house of Phönizien. The golden cross is for Christianity and the illumination of the word of God. The purple is the color of the Phönizien emperors, and it is a remembrance of the Holy Empire at its height. The orange background represents the intensity of their zeal, just like how the sunrise extinguishes the darkness. The emblem stands for their natural resources being blessed by the cleansing flame.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Main flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The Kandorese flag is named 'The Immortal Flower' and modeled after the national flowers the Kanyuo Lotus and Sakura flower. The flag symbolizes the Kandorese Empire as a whole, where the largest flower stands for the monarch and the mandate of the gods for the imperial rule of the Empire.

The sakura flowers symbolize the Kandorese government and the Kandorese people and culture. The colour scheme was carefully chosen for this national symbol and has deep roots within Kandorese history. The red symbolizes national pride, strive and the blood that was spilled to defend the nation in it's most harsh times. The white of the flag stands for the purity and devoutness of the Kandorese nation and people.

The circle surrounding the Imperial Flower symbolizes the moon and the moon goddess, from who the monarch is born in mythology. It also refers to the first Kandorese Emperor. The rays coming from the moon circle are the twelve major provinces of the Kandorese nation, but also symbolize the 12 main gods of the Tendo pantheon who are believed to be the "parents" of all Kandorese people.

As a whole the flag symbolizes the Kandorese religion, nation, the people and the unification of the country.

Main animated flag - 1st
Combined using PowerPoint and Premiere for the 4 flags that make Valentine Z, well... VZ.

Personification of Valentine Z - Defeated (Top 64)
Something I tried out for fun with the personification of Valentine Z.

Nexitros Stratuss - Defeated (Top 16)

Victoriaans Nederlands - 8th
Victoriaans Nederlands! It went through, several, SEVERAL changes and after much frustration... I must say that this went well, representing the dual nature of Victoriaans Nederlands (industrious, and cares about the environment), and ultimately towards Valentine Z (VN is under VZ).

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 16)
  • semicircle of 6 stars - representing each of the federal states

  • centre star - representing the unity of each states [although since 1900 can also refer to the ACT - the capital's territory]

  • blue background - representing the country's surroundings, which are in the middle of the north Atlantic

  • white stripes - representing the peace that the nation enjoys; partly because it has no present enemies, both natural & manmade

  • red stripe - representing the 1643 revolution, which replaced the monarchy with one of the - if not the - world's first republics.

Imperial Mexican States - Defeated (Top 64)

Korean Proletarians - Defeated (Top 32)

Pax Somaliana - Defeated (Top 64)

Unitarian Universalism - Defeated (Top 64)

Peacetime flag - Defeated (Top 64)

Wartime flag - Defeated (Top 64)
The Twisted Eight/El Retorcido is obviously a symbol of eternity, wealth (it's gold and purple), and the manifold nature of the faith. Outside, it's just Blasphemous's arc symbol, telling all of the main inspiration for my nation.

Peacetime Banner - Defeated (Top 64)
The El Retorcido - or the Coiled Eight - is the national seal of the Hierarchy of Renascento - representing the concepts of eternity and abundance. It is also the seal of the former Archon of the late Romezia, Elevtherio, who is known as a patron of the arts.

The color purple signify one of the main trades of Renascento: Epimarine purple, which is the only natural source of purple dye within the continent, and the purple silks the nation is famous for. Gold represents the market, wealth, and the noble metal; whereas the color white refers to the poisonous ashes covering their former capital Triptych and the efforts to purify themselves in the eyes of the Archons, as well as being the primary color worn by the faith. And lastly, the red stripes within the El Retorcido symbolize the blood shed during the El Quemada Fresno.

Son of the Miracle - Defeated (Top 64)
The Twisted Eight/El Retorcido is obviously a symbol of eternity, wealth (it's gold and purple), and the manifold nature of the faith. Outside, it's just Blasphemous's arc symbol, telling all of the main inspiration for my nation.

Main flag (Old Squiddy) - Defeated (Top 16)
The blue and white striped area represents a stormy sea, the dark and light grey stripes a stormy sky. Together they represent the frequent inclement weather we experience, and in a less overt sense the tumultuous journey we endured to arrive and survive in our new land.

The blue circle represents egalitarian equality; the red star, which evolved from a stylized fox head, represents intelligence and guile. Each symbol was the respective insignia of two different underground science organizations that together escaped persecution by resurgent religious authorities in an alternate 16th century England where the Church clamped down of the Enlightenment. The gold border represents the integrity and strength of Science uniting the two.

The current flag was designed by an art student, Petrovka Schillinger, a 19 year old graphic designer, as her entry into a contest sponsored by the Council of Sciencemasters in the early Sixties to replace a more ornate, excessive, and baroque design. The old design was... interesting. There were tentacles (one reason the flag is still referred to as "Old Squiddy").

NS Flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Green represents the land and blue represents the sky, and red star represents socialism.

Newer version
NS Flag - Defeated (Top 32)
Courtesy of Azadliq!

Satuga was once a country ruled by an iron fist, corruption, political sabotage, and "disappearances" ran rampant. However a fatal error was made by the corrupt rulers of Satuga. They thought even if their shady happenings were revealed the public would stay quiet out of fear, this turned out to be a special case. A man identified only as "the Igniter" stood in protest against the government, and you can imagine how well that went. The government sent troops over to "dispatch" the protester. Though instead of allowing himself to be taken or killed by them, he took the Thích Quang Duc route, dousing himself in lighter fluid, and a thin layer of metal. When the troops decided to end it by killing him to set an example, the bullet hit the metal plating, igniting fluid he had lathered onto his body. He was killed instantly, but his body burst into flames. This outraged the public, with more courageous folk taking it upon themselves to create the "Satugan Liberators" an underground organization dedicated to overthrowing the tyrannical regime. Long story short, after many leaders of the Satugan Liberators had been captured and executed, many more took their place. In the end the revolution garnered so much support that a majority of the population had been a part of it. The revolution finally ended when the tyrannical leader was overthrown violently, and executed in the streets.
When creating a new government and nation it took a very long time to decide on the flag structure, the people wanted something unique, and powerful. Then one of them suggested a Hydra, to represent the many times the freedom fighters leadership had been killed only to be replaced, as well to show that no matter what happens the people will always fight. And thus the flag and symbolsim of Satuga was created.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 16)
The Thakian flag often called "The Solar Banner" is a flag consisting of three colour stripes (Blue, Red and Black) and the national symbol of Thakia accompanied by an Olive branch in the upper left corner.

Blue represents the sky above, Red represents The kingdom of Novgyrod (That had a red flag), black represents the Kingdom of Silveria (That had a black flag), And the royal symbol represents these kingdoms united under a common crown.

LinkHere is a diagram describing the meaning of the flag.

Five Star Cross - In Top 32
The Five-Star Cross was created by the Cosmician Vexillological Organization in 1072917. The Five-Star Cross has three colors, yellow, black and white. The cross represents the expanse of Greater Cosmicium, the four stars on each corner represent four of the five main species of Greater Cosmicium: Humans, Khaazai, Scorpions and Dragons, and the star in the middle represents the unity of Greater Cosmicium, an increasingly ironic thing as the four factions come ever closer to civil war.

Main flag - Defeated (Top 64)
Image missing.
NS flag - Defeated (Top 32)
The current flag was adopted after the Second Serican Occupation, to rejoice at our freedom. The blue represents the sky, justice, and liberation. The green represents hope and the forests. The white represents the snow on Ssejekistan's mountaintops. The flame emblem in the middle is a symbol of Ssejekistani polytheism. The stars were added later, as a remembrance of Ssejekistan's time being oppressed by the Daryet Union.

Oysen Empire - Defeated (Top 32)

These people wanted to submit flags, but they were not able to because they came in late. I hope they will come along whenever the next iteration starts. Be patient - it will take a while to write the OP, and I would like to give prior submitters time to work on new flags as well!
Sapporo hyperspace riftgate laboratory, New Solaurora, Slavakino, Konolas, Glurponia, Awesomeland012345

These people did not submit flags, but nonetheless contributed to the bracket through discussion. Hopefully your contributions can be archived! If not, at least they won't be forgotten.
Apabeossie, Atlantarctica, Great Algerstonia, Union of Sovereign States and Republics, New Spiedska, Zeritae, Paradeavenlisian States