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Embassy Program



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In continuing efforts to form diplomatic ties in the spirit of friendship and co-operation, the Parliamentary Republic of Nova Kartago willing to house foreign diplomats in the capital city of Carthage ( Kartago ), as well as to offer a chance to form consulates in other major New Carthagean cities.

Through this online page managed by the Diplomatic Procedures Department, all nations and sovereign entities without hostile intent against the Nova Kartago State or the New Carthagean people can get general information about the Parliamentary Republic of Nova Kartago and Carthage, the capital, and file a request to open a foreign representation in our country. We would like to ensure you that an application in line with all rules and conditions given below is guaranteed to be accepted and put into practice.

The New Carthagean peoples are only waiting to prove to all the nations of the world, no matter their policies, size, or influence, their so-famed openness, compassion and hospitality.

Nations with foreign representations will obviously benefit from advantages and priority while conducting deals with the Parliamentary Republic.

Nova Kartago, officially known as the Parliamentary Republic of Nova Kartago (Esperanto : Parlamenta Respubliko Nova Kartago), is a democratic parliamentary republic in Mediterranean Region, with a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Nova Kartago covers 81,805 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 8.151.125.
In 2019 , the New Carthagean people voted in favor of the establishment of a parliamentary republic and the peaceful abolition of the old Italian Republic, and on April 8th, 2019 the Italian Republic in Nova Kartago was abolished and in it's place a Parliamentary Republic was established complete with a Constituent Assembly, and a provisional government.

The very strong New Carthagean economy, worth 9.67 trillion Ŝekels a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Trout Farming industry, with major contributions from Basket Weaving, Tourism, and Information Technology. Average income is 58,238 Ŝekels, with the richest citizens earning 7.9 times as much as the poorest.
The Parliamentary Republic of Nova Kartago takes high pride in it's economy and the constant pursuit of balance and freedom within the civilian population. While there are a number of religions in Nova Kartago, the government's stance on the subject is an Secular approach with no adoption of a state religion, though many religions exist with small numbers.

For more information, you may also check out our Factbook.


Kartago ( English : Cathaghe , Old phoenician : Qatag ) is the capital city of New Carthage. Has a population of 650,058. The city's urban area has a population of 1,268,296, making it by far the most populous urban area in New Cartaghe as well as the country's most important center for politics, education, finance, culture, and research.

The Carthagian keeper became the City of Carthage (Carthage, New Carthage) in 1865 on the basis of New Cartaghe state's first municipal law. Carthage has evolved since the time of the countryside because of emigration and good transport connections. Carthage is characterized by suburbs and the lack of one clear center. Carthage Airport, New Cartaghe state's most important airport, is located in Central Carthage.


Icosium is the capital of the Region of Ikosio and currently the largest city in the country. The population of the municipality of Icosium is 664,046 (in 2018), but its metropolitan area is much larger. It is the main center of economic, cultural New Carthagean life.

The history of Icosuim extends over three thousand years, which makes it one of the oldest inhabited cities. During the classic period of Phenicia, it was a powerful city-state that was born together with the development of the maritime navigation of the Icosium port and that had a fundamental role in the development of democracy. It was also a cultural center where many of the great artists, writers and philosophers of antiquity lived. These Icosium contributions to the thought of his time had a great influence on the development of Nova Kartago, of the Italian Republic and of Mediterranean culture.


A major logistic and economic centre, Oea is New Carthagean's largest port. It has a population of 633,471 (2019). Oea is known for its Maximiliana University, its riverside setting, lively cultural life and maritime heritage. The near-complete destruction of the city centre in the World War Oea Blitz has resulted in a varied architectural landscape, including sky-scrapers (an uncommon sight in other New Carthagian cities) designed by renowned architects such as Anacletus Homer, Pantheras Alkibiades and Hypatos Lysimachos.

The Eugenios, Meuse and Scene give waterway access into the heart of Oea region, including the highly industrialized Runan. The extensive distribution system including rail, roads, and waterways have earned Oea the nicknames "Gateway to Nova Kartago" and "Gateway to the World"


Population: 444,000 (2018 Census);440,621 (2012 Census);419,592 (1989 Census). Its area is 250.9 square kilometers (96.9 sq mi).

Like many cities of Nova Kartago, Volubilis possesses many cultural opportunities. There is an opera-ballet theater, a philharmonic orchestra, and numerous theaters (showing productions in both Esperanto and Ponic languages). However, a very popular gathering place for the locals is the recently completed Saliv (bay), beautifully situated in the middle of the city. There people gather to stroll, visit cafes, and socialize. Volubilis also has beautiful boardwalks and beaches along the Extra Perto River, where people swim in the summer. There are also a number of heated pools, health clubs, and museums (including the Volubilis National Museum and New Carthagean's only beer museum).


Tingis is the Fourth-largest city in Nova Kartago and the largest city and seaside resort on the New Carthagean mediterranean Sea Coast. Situated strategically in the Gulf of Tingis, the city has been a major economic, social and cultural centre for almost three millennia.

Tingis is an important centre for business, transportation, education, tourism, entertainment and healthcare. The city is referred to as the maritime capital of Nova Kartago and headquarters "The Scourge of the Seven Thousand Seas"( Nova Kartago Navy ) and merchant marine.


Sala is a major city . has a population of 222,414 (2018) within its administrative limits.

Sala is located in the north quadrant of Nova Kartago, The port is of great importance and is the communications hub between Europe, Africa and Americas, with cruise ships arriving from many nations.


Caesarea is an urban New Carthagean commune and city in the Mediterranean sea in the Icosium region in the
northwestern Nova Kartago.

Modern Caesarea remains deeply influenced by its employment and maritime traditions. Its port is the second largest in Nova Kartago, after that of Oea, for total traffic, and the largest New Carthagean container port.

Rules & Guidelines

Please abide by Legislative Decree No.6 of April13,2019
Rules and regulations for embassies and consulates , here :

Rules and regulations for embassies and consulates
(Legislative Decree No.6/2019 of April13 )

Article I: Embassy Staff

1. The Free Land will offer diplomatic immunity to all Ambassadors and their families as specified by international agreements. This means that the Ambassador and/or his/her family cannot be formally charged with a crime while they are in Phoenisland. However, we reserve the right to expel the Ambassador and his/her family if they are found to and/or heavily suspected to be a threat to the Phoenisland national security.

2. Diplomatic Immunity will not be granted to another Embassy Staff member.

3. The Monarchy withholds the right to deny entry from personnel with known history of severe crime, as well as declare persons who have been found guilty of terrorism, anarchism, slavery or criminal acts of comparable severity as personae non grata, and to remove them swiftly and humanely from the sovereign territory of Phoenisland to their respective homelands.

4. Before entering to Pheonisland soil, all members of the Diplomatic Mission will be subjected to full background checks at airports. Failure to comply with these checks will obligate to the Foreign Authority to expel the Diplomatic Mission.

5. If a war breaks out between Pheonisland and an embassy-holding nation, Pheonisland will reserve to itself the right to deport the foreign Diplomatic Mission. In the event of a civil war or another international incident in which the embassy-holding nation is not involved or is not against Pheonisland, we are in the obligation to insure the safety of the foreign Diplomatic Mission.

6. The Ambassador must have a clean criminal history.

Article II: Embassy General Information

1. Phoenisland only allows an Embassy building per nation. The Consulates will be enabled shortly.

2. The embassy holding-nation will be responsible for its Embassy. Phoenisland assumes the place where the Embassy is located as a sovereign territory of the embassy holding-nation.

3. Phoenisland will build any Embassy building. Once the diplomats enter to the country, the building will be a property of the nation to which they represent.

4. The embassies will be located in the following places in Carthage City :
A. President Photine Road
B. Hannibal Avenue
C. Boulevard Avenue

Article III: Security Regulations

1. The embassies are allowed to host their own security forces, not exceeding the number of twenty-five (25), unless a valid explanation for further security is given and approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

2. These security forces are allowed to carry revolvers or semi-automatic weapons as sideams, however, they are not allowed to have access to automatic, heavier personal weaponry, barring anti-aircraft, anti-tank and biological or chemical weaponry. Phoenisland reserves to itself the right to realize safety inspections. If any of these banned weaponry is found, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will be in its right to expel the Diplomatic Mission.

3. Phoenisland will only allow one weapon per guard. More than one weapon per guard will not be allowed.

4. The security forces of the embassies are not allowed of appearing with the respective ambassadors during hearings with the President, the Prime Minister, or the Parliament. They will not be allowed to support insurrections or manifestations against the Phoenisland Government.

Article IV: Transportation Regulations

1. For transportation, the embassies are allowed to maintain up to four (4) vehicles, whether automobiles, aeroplanes, or helicopters. These vehicles are not to be armed.

2. The foreign vehicles entering to Phoenisland must be registered in the Office of National Traffic to mobilize freely by Phoenisland.

3. Helicopters are allowed to be housed within the embassy ground, while aeroplanes are to be housed at Hannibal Barca International Airport in Carthage.

4. On request on sufficient grounds, the Country will provide police escort to diplomatic automobiles, as well as aerial support for aerial vehicles respectively.

Article V: Animals and Plants Regulations

1. Animals like dogs, cats, fish, rodents and small-sized birds are allowed. However, they must be declared to the Foreign Authorities at the airport.

2. Any aggression history that diplomatic pets may have must be informed to the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

3. If these pets are reported by the neighbors or the authorities by excessive noise, destruction or invasion of the property or aggressive behavior, the Ministery of Foreign Affairs will be in the faculty to expel the animals.

4. Phoenisland will give to itself the right to realize veterinary checkups or inspections every week to the animals.

5. Exotic and wild animals like lions, tigers, turtles or macaws are strictly prohibited.

6. Phoenisland will only allow the entry of seeds to the country. These seeds can be planted on the embassies, if this is wished. The entry of plants or trees to the country is not allowed.

Article VI: Other Regulations

1. Any nation who wants to open an embassy in Phoenisland, must sign a Non-Aggression Pact with us.

2. The entry of alcohol is not allowed, unless there is a cultural or religious justification to this. If there is a justification, Phoenisland will only allow the entry of three (3) litres of alcohol.

3. The entry of drugs or other substances is strictly prohibited.

4. The foreign embassies will have to promise to respect the customs and traditions of the Phoenisland, also they have the responsibility of guarding over the well-being of the citizens of their countries of origin that for any motive are visiting or living in Phoenisland.

5. The applying nation agrees to abide by all terms listed above.

On behalf of His Highness King Charles V, King of Valladares, Lord of Gregoria, Chiquito, Foix, Antioquia and Mountbatten, Protector of the Christian Faith,

Agatha Cassianus, Vice President
Heroides Hadriana, Speaker of the House
Nikias Gaiana , Chief Justice

His Excellency Mr. Mnason Photine,
President of the Interim Government.

Read dispatch

* 25-100 President Photine Road - Primary Road through the governmental district in Nova Kartago. Recently built, President Photine is a purpose built section of the Governmental District. The area includes many fortifications for the protection of high importance.

* 140-170 Hannibal Avenue - A massive Avenue housing many corporations and foreign entities. Hannibal Avenue is the largest avenue in the Government District.

* 1-80 Boulevard Avenue - One of the city's famous streets, runs through the city center and is considered one of the most expensive streets in the country.


I - General

Name of Nation:
Capital City:

II - Politics

Political System:
Economic System:
Judiciary System:
Head of State:
Head of Government:
Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent:

III - Infrastructure

Embassy Location :
Describe the Building/Image:
Diplomatic Staff:
Security Staff (max. 10):
Service Staff:
Number of locals hired:
Weaponry: (see rules)
Embassy Land Vehicles (max. 4):
Embassy Air Vehicles (max. 1)
Embassy Naval Vehicles (max. 1):

IV - Ambassador's Information

Name, Age and Sex of Ambassador:
Family Status:
Short Bio, Previous Positions:
Criminal Profile:

V - Diplomatic Agreement(s)

What kind of agreements do you want to make with Nova Kartrago?:

  • [ ] Commercial relations and advice to companies

  • [ ] Bilateral cooperation in agricultural matters.

  • [ ] Inter-Tourism Campaign

  • [ ] Scientific Cooperation Pact

  • [ ] Cultural Cooperation Pact

  • [ ] Migratory Pact

  • [ ] Relations with media local communication

  • [ ] Non-Aggression Pact

  • [ ] Bilateral cooperation in defense and security matters.

  • [ ] Bilateral collaboration in police and interior affairs.

  • [ ] Open Borders

  • [ ] Others: (_____)

Do you have anything to declare?:
Would you like us to establish an embassy in your nation (thread link appreciated )?

Would you like to open a consulate in another city? If so, please note it here:

    Type of Consulate:
  • [ ] General Consulate

  • [ ] Consulate

  • [ ] Consular section
    Choose a cities :

    Very important
    Please submit an application to open airlines between the two countries at the following link

    To: Whomever it may concern inside the ........
    From: ......., Appointed Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of Nova Kartago
    Subject: Establishment of Diplomatic Embassy

    [blocktext]I,......,appeal to your excellency in behalf of their Mr President .......,as well as the people of The Republic of Nova Kartago and their elected representants,in order to establish official diplomatic,trade and cultural relations between our two nations.

    As such, recognizing the friendly attitude towards your republic as well as the recognition of the countless opportunities that formal relations with ...... will provide, we declare our will to establish an embassy in ....... and pursue more diplomatic, cultural & commercial relations with your empire in order for our peoples to prosper and progress together in harmony. And friendship.[/blocktext]


    Republic of Nova Kartago
    ~Fenikso leviĝas el la cindroj~

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