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🌍 TourAdvisor

🌍 TourAdvisor is the searchable, crowd-sourced guide of places to go in NS.
Build the best browsable guide to the NS-verse by reviewing the places you've been, and the things that you've seen.

A typical review looks something like this:

🌍 TourAdvisor

The Embassy
🎟️ Activities
💚💚💚🖤🖤 (3)

The Embassy allows people to post TourAdvisor reviews of nations and regions, which is cool, but you're not allowed to be mean.

How to Post a Review

Post reviews on The Embassy RMB using the template below. As well as giving the posts a consistent look, this format makes the posts easily searchable.

[url=][b]🌍 TourAdvisor[/b][/url]

💚💚💚🖤🖤 (3)[/sub]

Text reviewing the place and justifying the rating.

Ratings should be from 1 to 5 green hearts. Always include 5 hearts, green ones on the left, black on the right. Write the number of green hearts in brackets beside the heart emojis.

The category name (including emoji) should be one of the six below.

Region Categories

🗳️ Government
👫 Community
🎟️ Activities

Nation Categories

📗 Dispatches
🃏 Cards

Use [URL] tags to include a link to the dispatch or card collection in the text, eg:

[url=]a card collection[/url]

Posting Dos and Don'ts

* Do post reviews from the point of view of a visitor.
* Please don't post reviews of your own nations.
* If you are an RO, please don't post a review of your own region.

TourAdvisor is supposed to be fun.
We have an RMB rule, "Don't post poorly about other nations or regions". That still applies here. Don't post a review about someone you have fallen out with.

How to Search Reviews

Find reviews on The Embassy RMB by using the search function. For example, this search for

TourAdvisor Activities (4 | 5)
returns TourAdvisor reviews with category "Activities" that are rated 4 or 5 hearts. An equivalent search using emojis would be

🌍 🎟️ 💚💚💚💚

This second search works because there is a series of four green hearts in both the four- and five-heart reviews.

There's more info on how to search RMBs here.

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