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Bernard Johnson

Bernard Johnson


In office:
November 24, 2004-

Preceded by: None


In office:
June 12, 2003-
November 20, 2004

Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

Personal Details
Born: April 25, 1972 (age 44)
Vogelẞen, Easdon, Alatoma

Nationality: Alatomian

Political Party: Military Party

Spouse(s): none

Children: none

Education: Vogelẞen Military College
- Degree in Defense Strategy

Religion: Christianity

"The day of tyranny is no more, Alatoma is no longer under the thumb of Rasmus Mark"
- Bernard Johnson, at the execution of Rasmus Mark

Bernard Johnson is the Consul Imperium of the Dominion of Alatoma. He is best known for many unique military strategies that ultimately contribute to his success as a commander. Johnson rules Alatoma alongside the civilian Consul, Ethan White.

Early Life

Bernard Johnson was born in the town of Vogelẞen in 1972. He grew up in a wealthy family until a depression caused his father to commit suicide. This left the family with no source of income and Johnson neglected his studies in order to work several jobs to keep his family afloat.


When it came time for Johnson to choose a career, he realized his performance in school was not good enough to enter a college so he enrolled in the local military school in 1990. He then enlisted in the Alatomian army but after only two months of service, was recommended to join the Alatomian special forces, the Vollstreckers, and is to this day, regarded as their greatest member of all time. When he returned home for a vacation after many years of non-stop service, he found that his home town had been overtaken by chaos. Farmers in the countryside had rebelled against Rasmus Mark, and the cities had become unstable. Mark sent in the Vollstreckers who Johnson had served with and they destroyed the entire town. Johnson watched his own friends tear down his family's small house in the middle of a quiet neighborhood hood on a small street where no rebellions had even broken out. Johnson enlisted to join the revolution, and quickly rose through the ranks until he found himself fighting alongside the leader of the entire revolution, Ethan White.

Johnson was regarded as one of the most courageous men to ever fight and after White was named the Consul of Alatoma, White announced that he saw no better man than Bernard Johnson to run the military. At that point he was named the Consul Imperium of Alatoma.

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