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Ethan White

Ethan White


In office:
November 24, 2004-

Preceded by: Rasmus Mark (Ruled 1964-2004)


In Office:
April 23, 2003-
November 20, 2004

Preceded by: Glen Taylor

Personal Details


July 23, 1964 (age 54)
Brot, Sackten, Alatoma



Political Party:



Kolmainsus University
- Degree in Political Science, Economics, and World History




"One should question their views when they feel that they need to force people to agree with them"
- Ethan White, Execution of the Tyrant, Rasmus Mark (December 2, 2004)

Ethan White, is the current Consul Populus of the Dominion of Alatoma.

Early Life

In the year that the tyrant king, Rasmus Mark entered the throne, Ethan White was born. Around the time he turned 12, he took and interest in politics. He ran from home and studied at a private school, paying his tuition by working odd jobs in Kolmainsus. He borrowed most of the books from friends, owning only two from the curriculum, the Bible and the autobiography of Hans Lange, the first and last Prime Minister of Alatoma. He was a good student and eventually became a reporter for a revolutionary news agency.

Rise in Politics

Around 1985, Rasmus Mark had soldiers raid White's news agency where he was arrested and charged with treason. He was scheduled to be the final journalist executed. His execution was scheduled for early 1991. In what seemed to be a miracle, rebels stormed the prison, rescuing the last three prisoners on death row, hours before their executions. Ethan White quickly joined the rebels where he climbed the latter. Other soldiers noticed that he seemed to be impervious to the elements, most likely due to the years he spent in an uninsulated cell, kept alive only by a small fire. The winter of 1995 was brutal, temperatures were below 0° F for most of the day. White was often seen shooting into the king's lines by himself during a blizzard when many were unable to fight.


He was appointed the head general of the resistance in April, 2004. He was known for his boldness and would send his troops, often outnumbered, into the heart of Alatomian cities to terrorize government figures. He had one code for his troops, they were never to attack or harass any civilians or the wives and children of the leaders. In the late autumn of 2004, Ethan White knew that his forces were stronger than ever, and the state's forces were weaker than ever. Undercover troops were made aware of a meeting regarding how to end the rebellion. The meeting was scheduled for November 18, 2004. White called his troops from all over, they surrounded the Ministerial hall. He had the undercover men escort out anyone who should be saved. The men were then told to tackle Rasmus Mark once the shooting started. At exactly 2:30 pm, on November 20, 2004, Ethan Whited ordered his troops to open fire on the building. Instantly, the undercover troops held Rasmus Mark below the shooting. Rasmus Mark was carried out, alive.

Ethan White was awarded power as the Consul Populus of the new nation. He said that he wouldn't accept the position until Mark's execution was carried out. Instead, White accepted the position on the day of the country's founding: November 24, 2004. On December 2, 2004, White ordered Mark to be executed by firing squad, the last words he heard being the quote at the top of the page. Mark always disposed of the executed by feeding their bodies to captured bears. White ordered the same to be done. After the body was disposed, the bears were set free, signifying the end of the era.

Consul Populus White was responsible for greatly reshaping the country. In 2005, Women were given the right to vote, in 2006 the class system was abolished, and in 2007, he allowed people to enter and leave the country with the introduction of the Alatomian Immigration Agency. In 2008, he made donations by corporations illegal, repealing this the next year. In 2010, He led forces to conquer two islands, making them territories. In 2011, he cut the tax rate in half and made it one flat rate. The next year, he redirected spending from public services into law enforcement and defense.


  • Capitalist Dictator
    Calls for complete freedoms in the economic sector while the social sector is still under a totalitarian regime.

For & Against

  • For: Free-Market Capitalism, Conservatism, Freedom of Religion, Christianity, Military

  • Against: Freedom of Speech

Personal Information

Personal Trivia

  • White is an avid car enthusiast, he has a collection of over 200 different automobiles.

  • He started the Simulian International Conference, a yearly event where nations from Simul come together to share innovations and further the strength of the region.

  • He fought against the rebels in the northern island territories while also working as Consul. He was also the second-oldest person fighting. (age 46)


“One should question their views when you feel that you need to force people to agree with you”

"If you have a dream, stop. Stop dreaming. It takes away precious time that could be spent making your dream happen."

"Why do we have police? In the words of a 2nd grader I met yesterday, we have police to catch bad guys. How can you not support that?"

"In the modern world, there is no news, only commentary. It doesn't matter which side you're on, journalists find ways to slip their agenda into their work. That's why I say that I didn't work for a news agency, it was all political commentary."

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