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The Proletarian: Marines Off to Youssath, Portal Stable

Marines Off to Youssath
Portal Stable

Rissa Weadine

Releases to the press this morning confirmed that the military operation
against Youssath, an island currently dominated by the Youssath Armed Forces
(YAF), is now moving along in full. An estimated 15,000 soldiers and sailors of
the Navy are committed to this operation. They have orders to arrive in Hong
Kong, a territory of Imperium Anglorum, and proceed to the island of Youssath
with allied forces.
The Department of the Navy, in accordance with legislation passed two
days ago in the National Assembly, has constructed a gateway capable of trans-
ferring the Wallenburgian forces from Kimersted Naval Base near the border
with West Wallenburg to Hong Kong. Since the National Assembly authorized
hostilities with the YAF, several naval installations have seen increased activity.
Citizens reported multiple convoys and troop movements over Corridor North-1
yesterday, including light tanks and landing boats. We can gather from these
reports and releases by the WDN that these were the First, Third, and Ninth
Navy Rifle Regiments, as well as hundreds of navy support staff effecting trans-
port of Navy assets to the gateway.
The Navy reports that the last 32 hours have been spent stabilizing the
portal, organizing assembled assets, and lifting larger vessels out of drydock for
transport through the gateway. In the early hours of the morning, live tests of the
portal proved successful. Since then, Wallenburgian forces have flooded through
to Hong Kong, where their Anglican hosts have received them well. The gateway
will remain active for the purposes of regular military communication and the
transfer of additional supplies as needed.
The full deployment of Navy equipment is unclear and currently is un-
disclosed, but observation of activity at Kimersted Naval Base suggests the
inclusion of 4 minesweepers, a handful of gunboats, and many landing boats.
Unnamed sources also report the inclusion of several small sailing vessels,
although their use in a military setting cannot be speculated on.
West Wallenburg has pledged their own military support toward the off-
ensive in Youssath. Their contingent has assembled at Port Marcus, and is ex-
pected to arrive in Hong Kong before sundown today.
The Neoswedish Conjunction, with which Wallenburg has worked to
activate the gateway, is also committing a team of 31 to observe, document, and
advise the operation of Wallenburgian forces in this combined operation.
The naval assault on the YAF is the main element of a wider counter-
terrorism campaign ordered by the National Assembly. Two days ago, the
Youssathian National Front Council, a radical legislative body currently in con-
trol of the island, ordered the detention of all Wallenburgians within their sphere
of power, and threatened various terrorist actions against Wallenburg, Tinfect,
and South Reinkalistan, including nuclear and chemical attacks on population
In response, the government has frozen all Youssathian assets and shut
down travel to and from Youssath to the best of its ability. The Cabinet of Justice
has issued orders to detain anyone presenting Youssathian identification, and to
screen them as terrorism suspects.
The ultimate goal of the government is to secure Wallenburg against
attacks by the YAF or affiliated terrorist groups. This may require amphibious
assault on the island itself, for which the three marine regiments are well-
Our reporters know little about the planet to which the Navy has deploy-
ed these forces. We are informed that it is a smaller world, with weaker gravity
and a thinner atmosphere. Some citizens have expressed concern regarding pro-
longed exposure to such an environment. Scientists have theorized that low
gravity may result in bone and muscle atrophy, as well as swelling in the brain
which may become fatal. They also warn that without proper treatment, exposure
to such an environment may cause dizziness and nausea. The thinner atmosphere
most certainly will prove a complicating factor, given the physical rigor of
combat on the body.
The Proletarian has already requested access to the military gateway for
the purpose of war correspondence. We have not yet received a reply.