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We The People of Ridgefield Demand Nueva Rico's Resignation

We, the people of Ridgefield demand an end to the behavior brought forth by the judge, and demand Q’s resignation immediately. The people of Ridgefield have made their voices heard, Nuevo Rico (referred to as Q) is not fit to hold public office in the Region of Ridgefield. This letter outlines and describes Ridgefield’s concern towards Q’s Merit, or the lack thereof. We are shocked and appalled at Nueva Rico’s blatant slander at a member who has already been tried and punished under Augustin Alliance law, which has a much higher jurisdiction than Ridgefield. Furthermore, the people of Ridgefield have had enough of Nueva Rico’s unwarranted hostility, not only to the member he intends to take to trial, but to all members of Ridgefield and the Augustin Alliance. As members of Ridgefield and the Augustin Alliance, we hold our officials to a high standard, and Nueva Rico has failed to live up to that standard. While the people of Ridgefield are aware of Nueva Rico’s past deeds for Ridgefield, he has since turned into a megalomaniac who intends to act as a dictator and a tyrant, which we cannot stand for. Nueva Rico’s arrogance and toxicity have proved to be too much to bear for the people of Ridgefield. A judge who uses their position to settle their personal issues does not have the Merit to be Judge, or any Official of Ridgefield. Additionally, the people of Ridgefield are concerned that this overreaction by Nueva Rico may desensitize new members to join Ridgefield, fearing that this is a disorganized, hostile region. We are disappointed in Nueva Rico, and we ask him to see reason and resign effective immediately from the position of Judge.

We accuse the defendant of using his status of power against personal rivals in ways that go against our regional standards of law and order.

The undersigned plenipotentiaries have signed their names this day of Friday, April 24, 2020.

1. Bretislavia
2. Die Riech
3. Indian worker councils
4. Antarcticao
5. The xii legion fulminata
6. New rodack
7. Betmet
8. Tiskaiya
9. Woclerhiel
10. Duby
11. Arnoldiastaniatia
12. The hebrew people of judea
13. Texan holy empire
14. The priesthood of kevin
15. Wyvernmark
16. Orgon
17. Nesser

If you wish to sign this document to put an end to the injustice and corruption of our Judge, please telegram Bretislavia!

The Kingdom of Bretislavia