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URA Temp Proposal


In light of recent tension, Solariia hereby proposes the establishment of an office titled "Head of Conflict Resolution" to resolve conflicts before they disrupt the momentum of the URA, its functions and its leadership. To retain the URA's good standing as an ordered, accomplished and successful alliance, the establishment of such a position is necessary. Recent internal conflicts have lead to distrustfulness of leadership causing a deficiency in appropriate action. As a result, leadership changes have ocurred rapidly. It's well known that leaders must act responsibly to be respected. If we are to reach the full potential for the United Region's Alliance, then it is imperative to have leadership capable of guiding such potential. Because of our open environment, finding the right leadership is challenging and the threat of bad actors is ever extant. Nevertheless, the Head of Conflict Resolution would be occupied by someone capable of handling such issues with grace and humility.

The Head of Conflict Resolution (HCR) must therefore possess the capability to: embrace conflict, converse, listen intently, find agreement, provide guidance, forgive quickly, know boundaries, find the right time, respect differences, and most importantly, confront the tension. With enough of these traits, the HCR will be able to resolve conflicts in a timely manner giving careful consideration to all sides of the argument. To find a solution that benefits the majority and maintains the peace in the United Regions Alliance. This also means the position shall make recommendations or be allowed itself to take measures to punish or remove those who are unwilling to cooperate to sustain the overall tranquility of the majority.