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The Loranian Embassy Policy

The Loranian Embassy Policy
This policy is being brought into effect to manage requests of embassies between other regions and Lorania. This is to provide a strong guide to both the Loranian Foreign Secretary and the officers of other regions whether embassies may be constructed.
The Policy
  • Regions must have at least 10 unique (non-puppet) nations in their region.

  • Regions must have had an RMB post within the last 7 days from a resident in the region.

  • Regions must not encourage or be based around hateful ideologies. Lorania won’t accept embassies with fascist, homophobic, sexist or discriminatory regions. Extremely left of extremely right regions also won’t hold embassies with Lorania

  • Lorania won’t open embassies with that have been condemned by the WA Security Council.

  • While not as important as other factors, we won’t be as inclined to open embassies with raider regions than to open with other regions.

  • Regions that hold a grudge (a grudge being a declaration from the Loranian government of ill will to hold friendly relations with a region) will not be permitted to have embassies with Lorania.

  • If you are an officer of a region that wants embassies but does not fit the requirements, please TG the Foreign Secretary to see if exceptions can be made. That final decision will ultimately be made by the Foreign Secretary.

All Foreign Secretaries of Lorania must abide by this policy unless it is replaced by another piece of legislation.