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Vote Merni for Regional Council!

I am happy to announce that I will be running for a Regional Council seat in the Special Election!

Who are you, anyway?
I'm Merni, obviously. I'm one of the most experienced members of this region, having been around since May 2016. I have held numerous cabinet posts, including WA Delegate, Vice Delegate, Secretary of Internal Affairs and Secretary of Cultural Affairs. (See this dispatch for details) I have also done other community things in the region.

Why should I vote for you?
I've been campaigning for more democracy in the region for a long time. I'm always one of the first to speak out when the monarchy has done something I think is wrong. I have suggested the idea of a regional parliament many times, and I included a similar idea to the Regional Council in a draft constitution I helped to write a year or two ago. I've also been active in the RP. Most people in this region trust me and know that even though I might seem angry, rude or irritating sometimes, I have the best intentions at heart.

What will you do if elected?
If I'm elected, I will ensure that the government rules the region democratically and fairly. I will help in passing laws which would benefit the residents of the Labyrinth, including to keep the RP active and enjoyable, and to add more community participation and activities.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to telegram me.

And finally...
I'm sure none of you want to ruin this election for everyone. Please vote with only one (registered) nation each. If you don't, not only will you face being banned from the region, but the candidate you vote for will be under suspicion and face many problems. Let's make this a free, fair and fun election, whoever wins!

Thank you.

The Democracy of Merni