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General Canon (Hi F7)

[b]General (No NS stats or decisions are canon):[/b]
Full Title: the Red Coalition of Alcala-Cordel
Unofficially referred to as Cordel and Cyprus
Year: 2020
Capital: Alcala
Demonym: Alcali (pronounced all-ka-lee)
Population: 82.6 million
Scientific Advancement: Modern Tech
Human Development Index: Upper Developing
[b][url=]Historically Significant Stuff[/url][/b]

Reality is canon with the addition of a the Alcalan mainland of [url=]a peninsula extending off Turkey[/url] as well as an [url=]intact Doggerland[/url]. In regional RP, Alcala-Cordel can be found [url=]here[/url].

Last names are rare in Alcala-Cordel.
-[url=]Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities (MAREZ or EZLN)[/url]
-[url=]Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (Rojava)[/url]
-The communist movement of [nation=noflag]Midraland[/nation]
-Possibly you, telegram me if you're a comrade who wants to share a universe. Our settings do not need to match.
Alcala-Cordel remains officially neutral unless provoked, though it is on especially unfriendly terms with most NATO members.
[nation]Cordel Island[/nation]
[nation]The Alcalan Empire[/nation]
[nation]Not Cordel[/nation]
[nation]Venezuela Revolucionaria[/nation]
[nation]Municipios Autonomos Rebeldes Zapatistas[/nation]
[nation]Conservatives on Twitter[/nation]
[nation]Bad Religion[/nation]
[region]Antifa Milkshake Factory[/region]