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Transcript: Declaration by Majority Leader Kenth Hefersiek on the Republic of Youssath

[center]From the Recording Secretary of the National Assembly of the People's Republic of Wallenburg[/center]

The following recording represents a faithful transcription of the East Wallenburgian declaration of military action against the Republic of Youssath. Majority Leader Kenth Hefersiek made this declaration in the main chamber of the National Assembly in Independence, Wallenburg. Public radio and television broadcasters published this declaration live. Mr. Hefersiek made the declaration at 19:00 in the afternoon on 1944 RN Pombkat 3.


Thank you, esteemed colleagues, for convening at such short notice. This is, of course, normally our day off work, but recent events have been far from normal. I also want to thank our executive chairmen, who have taken swift action in a balance with the careful deliberation which best characterizes this body. Thank you, Chairmen Breviski and Alvaston in particular, for your rapid response in these last several hours.

[i][The chamber echoes with applause from all sections. Neither Hahmer Breviski nor Ulye Alvaston are present.][/i]

I want to also thank the government of the Holy Republic of Wallenburg for their support. There was a time not so long ago when our peoples not only would not come to each other's aid, but would look for the best way to make an opportunity of a neighbor caught off-guard. The decision of the Holy Republic to not only work with our government in counterterrorism operations but to contribute its own division of the First Wallenburgian Guard to our ongoing military operations--it means more than I can put in words. East Wallenburgians have always been quick to remind their neighbors of their long memories. I say no truer thing today than this: we will remember your help.

[i][Again, applause.][/i]

Finally, I want to thank the people to which this Republic belongs. This government is not as popular as previous ones have been. Many did not trust us while our state apparatus refused to disclose the nature of this emergency. Rest assured that, thanks to this temporary restriction on communication and the cooperation of millions of Wallenburgian patriots, we have secured the lives and liberty of the entire population against a variety of terrible threats. Even so, I understand the concern regarding the severity of this information lockout. This may have been necessary, but it still represents a serious violation of the principles of open and democratic government. I apologize for this, and offer my word on this office that it will not happen again, and my hope that this will not open the door to further compromise on our democratic values.

[i][Again, applause.][/i]

Several of the rumors that have leaked in the interim are pure speculation for the sake of a sensational story. This body spent an unhealthy portion of its time going over government records and memos to dispel incorrect information from the minds of our own delegates, often directly because they had heard an untrue story about today's events. We ask that the media put those stories to bed. They are of no help to the public, and are at times a detriment to formulating policy.

A handful of the rumors, however, are true. I will explain to you the series of events leading up to today's declaration.

This morning, several departments were notified of a [url=]public announcement[/url] by [nation=long]Youssath[/nation], a known rogue state in violation of several World Assembly laws. This announcement was a long-winded piece of propaganda meant primarily for the citizens of Youssath. It decried so-called totalitarianism by the World Assembly taking measures to enforce its laws. It decried violations of so-called national sovereignty by the World Assembly in passing international legislation Youssathian leaders disagree with. It carelessly and absurdly tarred critics of its dictatorship and countless abuses of human rights as fascists. Yes, fascists, merely for passing legislation those leaders don't like. Fascists, for daring to take a stance against slavery, against genocide, against oppression. This chamber has already reviewed the full text of this announcement. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can guarantee that a great majority of my colleagues and I consider it grossly detached from reality, extremely disrespectful of member states and the World Assembly, and even downright delusional. We will release a copy of the announcement to worker-owned media today, and the public printing house will print it alongside this announcement as well, so that Wallenburgians may see exactly what kind of people we are dealing with.

This same announcement also renounces Youssath's membership in the World Assembly, by declaring that international body illegitimate. Our government had already decided not to recognize Youssath as a member state in good standing, as a result of its many violations of international law, but this public renunciation introduces yet more authority to that claim.

Our representative in the World Assembly, Major Mikael Ogenbond, made several calls regarding this announcement. The matter traveled through the Cabinet of War for some time and even reached Chairman Breviski. However, despite the terrible nature of the Youssathian government and its total disregard for the international order, the Cabinet ultimately decided the matter was not worth dedicating significant resources to. They resolved to reclassify Youssath from a rogue member state to a rogue non-member state, and to leave it at that, since the only meaningful difference is the absence of the Youssathian delegation from World Assembly votes. Unfortunately, the matter did not end with this first announcement.

In response to Youssath's open non-compliance, other member states activated sanctions and other such restrictions as required by World Assembly law, and effectively issued their own condemnations of Youssathian leaders' unacceptable behavior. Rather than accept the natural consequences of their own actions, Youssathian leaders decided to escalate the matter beyond this government's ability to disregard.

Six hours ago, the National Front Council, a legislative body of Youssath, declared a state of emergency and [url=]ratified an act[/url] that, for all practical purposes, amounts to a declaration of war. The act calls for a variety of unacceptable and illegal actions by the Youssathian Armed Forces, specifically targeted at citizens of [nation=long]Tinfect[/nation], [nation=long]South Reinkalistan[/nation], and [nation=long]Wallenburg[/nation]. The act declares martial law and suspends any appearance of democratic governance or the rule of law within the sphere of Youssathian power. It demands capital punishment for all sorts of crimes and non-crimes, especially concerning foreigners. It seizes the assets of the targeted governments wherever it can, effectively rendering Youssath a glorified crime ring. It seizes citizens and the property of citizens from targeted states on no other basis than their nationality. The total scope of the human rights violations involved in this legislative act escapes the ability of the modern mind to comprehend. Given the frequency with which the Youssathian leadership violates international law and even their own, it is less useful to think of them as powerful figures in a legitimate government and more useful to recognize them as a gang that rules through terror.

I now ask that those caring for young children consider turning off your radio or picture box for a few minutes. These following facts are frightening, even to me. Rest assured that this government is doing everything in its power to prevent any harm from coming to the common citizen. Mr. Breviski is at this moment overseeing efforts by the military to secure the country against any foreign threat. Now, let us delve into the entirety of Youssath's threats against Wallenburg.

The Youssathian act declares the detention of all Wallenburgian, Tinfectian, and Reinkalistani  citizens in concentration camps, and suspends what few rights they otherwise would have under the Youssathian constitution. They are afforded no guarantee of justice, due process, health, or even immediate safety. While Wallenburg has had a travel warning in place for some time regarding Youssath, this still represents a serious escalation of danger to our own citizens and those of other member states. Even more serious are several threats made to the very sovereignty of Wallenburg and the safety of its citizens at home. The act threatens to attempt various military measures against the targeted nations, including: a naval blockade; the use of force to remove Youssathian citizens from target nations; preemptive chemical, nuclear, or conventional attacks on target nations; and, and this is a quote from the act, "the support and authorization of terrorist attacks on civilian and military targets".

Once again, I ask the public to consider exactly the sort of people we are dealing with. These are not rational actors. They yearn for conflict and for the smell of death. They do not respond to civility or diplomacy well. Representative Ogenbond's office has already tried to handle their status as a rogue nation with what saccharine words he can offer. In their first public outburst some months ago, they tried to provoke us into war by insulting a deputy officer of our World Assembly office. Since then they have realized that they must declare war first to draw us into conflict. And, for all it pretends to be anything else, that is what this Youssathian act is: a declaration of war.

It is for this very reason that this second announcement made much more noise inside the government than the first. Mr. Ogenbond almost immediately contacted Mr. Breviski to convey the nature of the announcement and its immediate implications. Mr. Breviski then contacted me and the party leaders. Unanimously, we authorized Mr. Breviski to take any measures necessary to secure the country against an attack, whether by the Youssath Armed Forces or an ancillary terrorist organization. Mr. Breviski did exactly that. In the meantime, I convened an emergency session of this National Assembly to discuss the matter of Youssathian aggression.

A great deal of this discussion covered the exact nature of Youssathian policy, and how they came to be an international pariah in the first place. Thankfully, Mr. Ogenbond sent his chief of staff here to explain, in detail, the record of their crimes and their refusal to obey or enforce the law. The World Assembly office, as it turns out, had documented their crimes extensively in last year's diplomatic squabble. Since then, their laundry list of violations has only accumulated. They report continued violation of GAR #4 Restrictions on Child Labor, #10 Nuclear Arms Possession Act, #18 The Prisoners of War Accord, #23 Ban on Slavery and Trafficking, #27 Freedom of Assembly, #35 Charter of Civil Rights, #43 WA Labor Relations Act, #52 Food Welfare Act, #57 Refugee Protection, #122 Read the Resolution Act, #132 Military Freedom Act, #136 Convention on Wartime Deceased, #147 Extradition Rights, #148 Against Conflict Minerals, #155 Freedom of the Press, #174 Right to Petition, #176 Disability Welfare Act, #180 A Decriminalization of Suicide, #201 Habeas Corpus, #202 Convict Appellate Rights, #208 Resolving WA Trade Disputes, #232 Foreign Copyright Recognition, #240 Sexual Autonomy Guarantee, #242 Biological Warfare Convention, #247 Rights of Crime Victims, #255 Rights of Neutral States, #256 Foreign Trademark Recognition, #272 Chemical Weapons Accord, #279 Right of Emigration, #285 Assisted Suicide Act, #323 No Penalty Without Law, #330 Nuclear Testing Protocol, #344 Minimum Standard of Living Act, #345 Proscription on Living Shields, #348 Convention on Ceasefires, #354 AI Coexistence Protocol, #355 Rights of Sapient Species, #356 Landmine Safety Protocol, #358 Explosive Remnants of War, #389 Rights of the Quarantined, #390 Compliance Commission, #399 Responsibility in Transferring Arms, #408 Ban on Secret Treaties, #419 Voting Equality for Freed Inmates, #430 Freedom of Religion, #434 Preventing the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artefacts, #436 Protecting Free Expression, #440 Administrative Compliance Act, #442 Circulation of World Assembly Law, #443 Preventing the Execution of Innocents, #457 Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities, #476 Protecting Borrowing Rights, and #486 Prevention of Forced Sterilisation. On top of these, Youssath has continued to violate GAR #467 Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy, despite claims to the contrary. It has also refused to acknowledge its violations of GAR #25 WA Counterterrorism Act, which are of particular interest in the situation we currently find ourselves embroiled.

Now, I hope all of you are still paying attention after all of that. For each of those resolutions, there is a whole story to be told about the nature and severity of Youssathian violation. One would expect that any government so consumed with oppressing its people and others, so obsessed with finding every way to impose hierarchy and arbitrary punishment, would simply refuse to participate in the World Assembly. I have no answer for this question. Yet again, these are not rational actors. Only in the last 32 hours has the Youssathian government decided to not only ignore all the aforementioned resolutions, but also to disregard GAR #1 The World Assembly and #2 Rights and Duties of WA States, which form the core framework of membership, compliance, duties, protections under the law, and recognition that the World Assembly exists at all.

We have also discussed a policy response to this outrageous action by the Youssathian National Front Council. After much deliberation on these announcements, the government has committed itself to several emergency measures. I recommend that all Wallenburgians pay close attention to the following policy decisions. These have been passed into law, and go into full effect as soon as I finish this declaration.

First, the actions and threatened actions of the Republic of Youssath do not reflect those of any legitimate state. The National Assembly declares Youssath an illegitimate state, and no longer a member of the World Assembly. In keeping with this, and observing the nature of the threats levied against Wallenburg in the aforementioned act, the National Assembly will recognize the National Front Council and the Youssath Armed Forces as terrorist organizations.

[i][Applause and some cheering. Mr. Hefersiek pushes through before the applause ends.][/i]

Furthermore, both out of our interest in the public's safety and mandates established under GAR #25 WA Counterterrorism Act, we are taking immediate action against the operation of these terrorist organizations within the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of Wallenburg. Per GAR #25, we will "take all effective measures at [our] disposal, subject to the rule of law, to prevent non-state actors from using [our] territory to commit terrorist acts". We also will "freeze, or otherwise take control of without undue delay, any and all assets of terrorist individuals or organizations within [our] jurisdiction which may be used to support international terrorist acts, including but not limited to: equipment, facilities, and funds". In pursuance of these mandates, the Independence Militia has, in cooperation with the capital's branch of the Army, conducted raids on what few diplomatic arms of Youssath are within Wallenburgian territory. I regret that in the process of detaining these terrorist cells, four brave Wallenburgians lost their lives. Please keep them in your hearts tonight, as we do what we can to prevent any further loss of life. Rest assured that thanks to their sacrifice and the courage of all individuals involved, the raids have succeeded in retaking all locations held by Youssathian terrorist forces.

[i][Applause, more solemn than before.][/i]

Their equipment and intelligence has been seized and currently are being examined for any use in furthering our other actions against Youssath. What intelligence the Department of Justice does gather will be shared with other states threatened by the Youssathians. I am also told that all Youssathian assets in Wallenburg have been frozen. They do not amount to much, but it would not do to take any chances or allow Youssathian forces any leeway.
Per domestic Wallenburgian counterterrorism policy, the National Assembly has mandated the shutdown of all portals with connections to Youssath. Our Cabinet of War has also been in constant contact with officials in West Wallenburg, Castilia, Arabus, and Jhorgia to shut down any infrastructure that connects to Youssath from there. The National Assembly has decreed that those presenting identification as Youssathian citizens will be placed in temporary police custody for the purposes of screening for terrorist activity. Those that pass screening will be recorded as authorized to pass freely between provinces and to leave Wallenburg should they wish to do so. Wallenburgians may be asked by local police to present identification at any time. Please do your best to cooperate.

Finally, the danger posed by Youssath to our people is too significant to leave to other threatened states. In cooperation with the Neoswedish Conjunction, Wallenburg has activated a stable military portal for the purpose of transmitting military forces to the world of Youssath. This is for the purposes of engaging the Youssathian threat, alongside military forces from the Neoswedish Conjunction, the Imperium of Tinfect, the People's Federation of South Reinkalistan, [nation=long]Separatist Peoples[/nation], and the [nation]Imperium Anglorum[/nation]. The National Assembly, therefore, is ordering the deployment of the First, Third, and Ninth Navy Rifle Regiments to the city of Hong Kong, which is within the jurisdiction of the Imperium Anglorum. In total, 14,200 marines and 300 members of the Wallenburgian Special Forces will pass through the portal, with the equipment and resources necessary to complete their operation in the next three weeks. Should it become necessary, the Cabinet of War is planning for connecting a supply line through the portal and reinforcing our forces in these operations. I trust that our soldiers will serve well and eliminate the threat to our nation with the same grace and efficiency they have shown in battles past.

Thank you for your attention. That is the entirety of tonight's announcement. In summary, the threats and provocations of the Youssathian National Front Council cannot be tolerated, and the government has committed to a show of all necessary force to cause this criminal organization to surrender to the rule of law and respect of the international order. And to all those cowards who call themselves the government of Youssath, or who threaten the lives and liberty of innocents, our demands our simple. Independence or death!

[i][The hall erupts in cheering and shouting. Mr. Hefersiek waves to the Proletarian section, then waves to the rest of the chamber. He collects his papers and returns to his seat presiding over the chamber. As Representative Jeffery Altispear approaches the floor, the cheering dies down.][/i]