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Youssath campaign

News dispatches from the Youssath campaign

General mobilisation!

The Imperial Government proclaimed this morning a General Mobilisation Order 1920 at the rostra in Londinium calling upon the consuls and Her Imperial Majesty the Queen-Empress to ensure that the republic suffers no harm. The direct cause of the action was threats made by the government of the island country of Youssath against a number of friends of the republic, along with unconscionable humanitarian activities occurring within the country.

A representative of the Imperial Government dispatched an ultimatum to the recalcitrant savages of the small island, demanding that the leaders thereof submit themselves to the sovereignty of the Latin people. Following the passage of the required lex curiata de imperio, the consuls with the consent of the senate executed the immediate seizure within the city of all persons bearing the citizenship of Youssath and all property belonging thereto. The Imperial Cabinet by statutory instrument has placed emigration and capital controls on such properties and persons.

Sir Thomas Bayley, Admiral for the Far East Fleet, leads battlecruisers HIRS Victorious, Fearless, Resolution, Redoubtable, Warspite, Renown, Formidable, and Courageous, along with the 18 cruisers of the 6th Cruiser Squadron and 36 destroyers from Arpinum Naval Base at Hong Kong to undertake cooperative training exercises with a number of marines deployed from Wallenburg and Separatist Peoples in the northern Pacific.

The Times. Anno republicae 1920, April 22.

Naval quarantine

The comitia tributa this afternoon resolved in the lex Papiria de classibus that the republic's naval forces would engage immediately in a naval quarantine around the nation of Youssath for the purpose of preventing preventing the unauthorised disclosure or transfer of nuclear materials into the hands of the savages in Youssath.

The failure to reach a prompt mutual understanding with regard to acceptable punishment of the recalcitrant tyrants present on the island by their submission under the yoke to the sovereignty of the Latin people immediately has been raised to the World Assembly Compliance Commission for immediate action.

The Times. Anno republicae 1920, April 22.