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RP | TCN | Resolution to Repeal TCN Resolution 015

To the General Assembly of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The Republic of Terranihil and Commonwealth of the San Carlos Islands

Acknowledging that the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council previously passed TCN Resolution 015 to establish a Joint Education Committee,

Aware of the absolute inaction of the nations which voted for TCN Resolution 015 to institute the clauses established by the resolution in question,

Considering that the Joint Education Committee never convened,

Considering that most TCN nations did not send a representative to the "Joint Education Committee",

Considering that the "Education Visas" established by TCN Resolution 015 were not granted by any nation,

Concerned that TCN Resolution 015 infringes on the national sovereignty of TCN member nations by forcing national or local governments to accept international law as the highest authority on education,

Observing that TCN Resolution 015 has been ruled unconstitutional and/or not recognized by multiple members,

Recognizing that the local or national government of member nations remains the best authority on education as it is more aware of local nuances such as customs and language, as well as local educational needs than an international body,

Hereby repeals TCN Resolution 015.

Hereby removes TCN Resolution 015 as a law of the Terraconserva Council of Nations.

The Nihilistic Pity Pit of Terranihil