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The WA Ping Program: Sign Up for Notifications


[size=125][color=#804080]What is the WA Ping Program?[/color][/size]

If you sign up for the program, you'll get a notification whenever a new off-site WA vote-discussion is opened, as well as a short summary of the legislation. You can choose to be notified through the RMB, Discord, or both the RMB and Discord.

[quote=bormiar;38283390]Voting and discussion on the newest and next WA resolution(s) at vote have begun.

[u]NEARING QUEUE: Condemn Deruuu[/U] 

[SPOILER=WA Ping Program Members]
In a real post, this would be a list of the Ping Program's members.[/SPOILER]

[i][URL=]Increase your nation's stature in the WA! Join the WA Ping Program![/url][/i][/quote]

[size=125][color=#804080]What's The Benefit of Signing Up?[/color][/size]
Refer to the article at the bottom of this post. Posting in these off-site discussions drastically increases your nation's sway in the World Assembly.

Plus, it only takes 10 seconds to join.

[size=125][color=#804080]How Do I Sign Up?[/color][/size]
Sign up for the Ping Program by telegramming [nation]Makdon[/nation]. 

Include where you want to be pinged: on the RMB, on Discord, or in both locations.

[size=125][color=#804080]Is Quitting Allowed?[/color][/size]
Of course. You can leave the program by telegramming [nation]Makdon[/nation].