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Provisional Government Statement on The World Assembly

Independence. Peace. Progress.

After the finalization of the International GA Resolutions on Youssath from the WA Resolutions Archive, the Provisional Government, headed by Chief Justice Kelvin Reese, has decided to announce the government's stance on the World Assembly.

The Provisional Government of Youssath issues a ministerial speech at 7:00PM on Apr 22 2020 with approval from The Provisional Government,

With the full authority from the High Command, the Youssath Representation and the unwavering support and determination from those residing within The Republic of Youssath:

Good evening Youssathians, I hope your day is well after all these months of bloodshed we have seen from the past couple of months.

Youssathians, for the past few months, our motherland has known nothing except for bloodshed and violence. Brothers fighting among others for their vile ideologies; our country has been sabotaged to the very core in due
thanks to foreign powers trying to meddle within our politics. Our country, already battered by the hyperinflation over the past few years, has yet to suffer the worst to come, and I can only pray that in its aftermath, this country
can be spared the horrors of war and stand up stronger than it has ever been. Our foreign adversaries continue to eye on us for opportunities, but I have this to say: no matter how long it will take us, the Youssathian people
will emerge victorious in its struggle! Life can be better than this!

In consideration of the vile sanctions imposed upon us by prominent members within The World Assembly - which is party to many of our enemies - along with numerous rejections of its WA resolutions time and time again, I
have taken the liberty to use the capacity of this office, under the approval of The Provisional Government, to commence a thorough investigation on the horrendous and gross acts taken by The World Assembly in this period
of time. This is not just limited to the socialist bias, its gross violations of national sovereignty and voting blocs within the World Assembly; for we are determined to enforce the legality of a representative rule of law for all
nations, and by all nations, regardless of its ethnicity, upbringing or development. Unfortunately for us, The World Assembly is anything but representative of its 26,000 nations it houses, making this international organization one
of the biggest political shams and oligarchies ever constructed by the worst of mankind. There has never been a period of power-grabbing and power to the few throughout the years of human history, and it is truly a shame
to be a part of an organization that refuses to adapt despite the necessity to evolve with the times.

One of the most prominent violations known to date is national sovereignty. Ridiculous resolutions such as GAR #390: Compliance Commission and GAR #440: Administrative Compliance Act have no such place within The
World Assembly, since the resolution helps to solidify any immoral or unjust precedent detrimental to a society's culture, development and way of life. Having nations to conform to a single ideology under the will of some foreign
ambassador on the other side of the world is not progress, if anything, it is considered totalitarianism. Nations who are under nuclear threat or are unable to stop their high suicide rates are unable to do anything in thanks to
resolutions such as GAR #10: Nuclear Arms Possession Act and GAR #180: A Decriminalization of Suicide, which are all legally enforceable in due thanks to GAR #390 and GAR #440 respectively. The authors of these laws
are anything but progressive, and it is not within our national security interests to serve the words of a foreign ambassador - who has no understanding of our country - as law of the land. This has always been an absurd approach
to the rule of law, and this Provisional Government will not take the advice of these leftist homosexuals to be word of this country.

In light of this wanton acts of violations orchestrated by prominent factions within The World Assembly, most notably The Pacifics and its allies, it is henceforth The Provisional Government's position to not recognize The World
Assembly to be the legitimate form of an international organization and arbiter, and that such positions are vacant to the knowledge of The Provisional Government. The Legal Ministry, in accordance to The General Assembly
National Act (2019), shall henceforth take the position of its legal successor to The World Assembly. I can only sincerely hope that through this, we will be able to reform our political system to be more stronger and resilient
under the guidance of our late Prime Minister, Alfonzo Finley. I would like to thank The Legal Ministry for taking the time to compile a list of WA - not international - resolutions that Youssath is actively against. We can only hope
that through this, Youssath remains committed to the international stage but only if such a farce like The World Assembly and its factions be purged and condemned and that its way of life is respected due to different upbringings.

If there is anything to be said about The World Assembly, it is simply a group of fascists elected into power with no real understanding in the political climate and diversity of our world. These fascists lease themselves onto
power to validate themselves and their own decrees on the international community without the consultation of the minorities whilst attempting to influence or buy votes without providing its subjects a proper perspective into
global politics. These are the same type of fascists who would berate others who oppose them by labelling them "fascists" as well, when they have not even a slightest clue of what the word actually means and that such a
derogatory word would be so free to be used so carelessly. These fascists are the ones who make their words become law; simply because they won a simple majority in an election which does not encourage its subjects to
think critically for once. For those out there being subjugated by their overlords and their lies, I implore you to do the right thing: vote consciously and leave the voting blocs! There is no perfect region out there, and only
by challenging the narrative and joining neutral regions will you be able to truly grasp the concept of a representative democracy: standing up for yourself and others instead of being "told what to do". How much longer do you
want to tolerate them and their non-conformist views before you die having achieved nothing?

Hereby concludes the official statement from The Chief Justice, and is final of Youssath.

Kelvin Reese, Chief Justice
Republic of Youssath