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International Index of Corruption - Privacy Policy

Privacy for Drongonian Government-backed Indexes

Your privacy is important to us. Please read below if you'd like to find out how we handle your data.

1. Data collection
We will only ever collect non personally identifiable data about you, and we will never ask for information that could compromise your privacy or be used to identify you. All of the data you provide is used only in reference to your nation, and may be combined across our database to give a more wide view of our survey and to calculate statistics such as averages and outliers.

2. Who can access your data?
Only individuals who are directly involved with the survey data collation process may have access to your data. Nobody outside the Drongonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or IIC will ever have access to your data. We will not hand over any information given to us to authorities.

3. How is my data stored?
On an Excel spreadsheet lol.

The Republic of Drongonia