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The Old Gods

The old pagan gods of the Daeolain people
Not much is known of the old pagan religions of the Havallish celts known as the Daeolain.

Grahn: the main god represented by the sun, a giver of life and happiness.

Galach: sister/lover of Grahn, goddess of death, comfort and sorrow. Depicted by the moon.

Blaidd: the wolf god of winter son of Grahn and Galach. Often depicted as a white wolf.

Algair: the god of the hunt, spring and feasts, brother of Blaidd. Often depicted as a bear.

Feinna: Goddess of summer and the harvest, sister to Algair and Blaidd. Often depicted as a doe

Feorg: God of the fall and watcher of spirits, brother to the other seasons, depicted as a squirrel.

Agtire: the trickster god often jealous and cleaver, depicted as a black coyote.

Sioglic: The wise fox spirit depicted as a gold fox, often a symbol of prosperity giving wisdom to men and gods alike and content with this, brother of Agtire.