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The Beautiful Game - Character list and bios

Character list
Laver Island – Man United, Denmark
St Scarlett – Man United women’s, England women’s
Yahlia – Tractor, New Zealand
Regnum Italiae – Juventus, Italy
Libertandonien – Dinamo Zagreb, Switzerland
The Oriental Empire – Lyon women’s, France women’s
Dizgovzy – Eintracht Frankfurt, US
The Champions League – Marseille, US
Outer Sparta – Liverpool, US
Alienage – Barcelona, Spain
Rivierenland – Ajax, Netherlands
Gor nacho – Chelsea, England
The Kingdom of Denmark – Bayern, Poland
Suomessa – Ajax, Finland
Republic of Satherland – Liverpool, Malaysia
Apabeossie – Arsenal, South Korea
The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth – Toronto FC, Canada
Feria-Alkaline – Bayern women’s, US
Imperium Anglorum – Owner of Chelsea
Miharr – Bayern women’s, US
South St Maarten – PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands
Jim the Baptist - FIFA Council represent from AFC
Unpopular people - Enyimba International, Central African Republic
Pilipinas and Malaya – Ulsan Hyundai, Philippines
Poland-kaliningrad - Lech Poznan, Poland

Laver was born and raised in Denmark and quickly took a liking to football at a young age. He played his youth career with clubs such as Vejle BK and Odense before being recruited to Copenhagen at the age of 14. He played for Malmo in the 2016-17 season on a loan. In 2021, Man United decided to buy the budding star away from Copenhagen, which Laver said “It was a dream come true. As a child, I have always wanted to play for Manchester United. I admired Sir Alex Ferguson and players such as George Best, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many other greats.” Laver’s Man United idol is George Best and his Danish idol is Christian Eriksen. He plays for Man United as an attacking midfielder and represents Denmark internationally.

Scarlett grew up in Bedfordshire, England to a football-loving family. She has played for youth leagues as well. When Man United saw her potential in the female leagues, they quickly took to recruiting her and she signed for the Red Devils in 2012 for their youth squad. She got recruited to Man United's senior squad in 2014 and even played for Lyon from 2016-17 on a loan. By 2018, she was a starter for Man United playing as a center back defender. Dubbed as the next Lucy Bronze, Scarlett has a lot of potential and dreams of winning the Women’s World Cup for England.

Yahlia grew up in a little place called Nelson, New Zealand. He played for Tasman United during his youth days and even played with Auckland FC. Soon, he was called up to embark on a new journey to Iran, where the Tabriz-based club Tractor has signed him in 2018 to a four-year contract. He impressed the Iranian club during an international competition with Auckland. Yahlia has synced quickly with fellow midfielder Reza Shekari and Tractor has won titles in the Iranian league. Although a New Zealander living in Iran may seem odd, Yahlia is enjoying his time there and is beloved by the Tabriz locals.

Being an Italian, Regy has been exposed to football right when he was born. He has played for Pisa and Livorno during his youth careers. He played for Livorno and Fiorentina before Juventus set their eyes on the young talent and signed him to play for the elite Serie A team in 2018. Regy plays as a striker and has developed great chemistry with Cristiano Ronaldo. He is part of a young Italian crop that is destined to make a splash in future tournaments.

Libertandonien is a Croat-Albanian living in Switzerland. Due to his Croatian lineage, he has developed a liking to football from a young age. He bounced around several Swiss clubs such as Grasshoppers Zurich and Basel before making a move to Dinamo Zagreb in 2019. Lib’s idols are Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri, both Swiss-Albanians who has had a tremendous impact for the Swiss team. He plays in the midfield position.

Orient is French but also has Greek lineage. Being in a diehard football nation, Orient has developed a taste for football. She was a standout in clubs like Paris FC and CNFE Clairefontaine for her youth career and got recruited by Lyon to play for their women’s team. Orient also plays for the French squad as a midfielder. She has been dubbed as the next Amadine Henry, meaning Orient will definitely make a big impact representing France.

Diz was raised in upstate New York in Rochester. He flourished in the youth systems of New York Red Bull and New York City FC. Eintracht Frankfurt recruited him to join their squad in 2018. He now plays in the Bundesliga and has been their biggest young star. Diz represents the US in international games and plays as a striker.

Champions League has always liked football. He played for the Colorado Rapids during his youth days from 2014-18 and kept on playing for them until 2020, even though he also got loaned to El Paso Locomotive. He got signed by Marseille in 2020, which was a dream come true. Champions League also represents the US and plays as a defender.

Sparta has grown up with a passion for football. Just like the other two American represents, he was another standout during his youth days for Columbus Crew and Chicago Fire. He started his senior career for Chicago. Liverpool loved the young player’s talent and signed him in 2017. Sparta plays as a midfielder for Liverpool and has been one of the best young players for the Reds. In addition, Sparta represents the US in international competitions and the young trio of Diz, CL, and Sparta may help the US go on top of the football world.

Alienage was born and raised in Bolivia as a child. He played for several teams in his youth like The Strongest and Bolivar until Barcelona recruited him to the famed La Masia academy in 2012. He has shown so much talent and potential and is regarded as the next Messi, graduating in 2018 and plays in the starting lineup. Alienage has played very well for Barcelona and has contributed to their renewed tiki-taka playing as a forward. He could either play for Bolivia or Spain, but Alienage chose the latter country and has dreams of bringing home Spain’s second title.

Riv developed a passion for football given the fact that he was born and raised in the Netherlands, another football-crazy nation. He played for some local clubs and has shown an immense amount of talent and skill. Ajax recruited him to join their academy and he graduated in 2016. He is regarded as the next Johan Cryuff and plays as a striker. Riv plays for the Dutch national team and hopes to bring them their first title.

Gor has played for the England national team since 2016 and made his World Cup debut in 2018. Before playing for Chelsea in 2020, he got raised in the Shrewsbury Town system and played for Manchester City and Crystal Palace (loan). Gor is in the height of his career when he plays in the 2022 World Cup against these other young stars.

KoD resides in Canada but has Polish origins. He got recruited to the Vancouver Whitecaps for his youth career before Lech Poznan signed him in 2016. He now plays for Bayern since 2018, although he also played for Lech Poznan on a loan from 2018 to 2020. He now is in the starting lineup and is dubbed the next Robert Lewandowski. Although KoD could play for either the US or Poland, he decided to play for Poland and has a great mentor in Lewandowski.

Although Suomessa is from a nation where football takes second-fiddle to hockey, that didn’t stop him from playing the sport. He is a dual-sport athlete that plays both hockey and football, but he decided to go the football route and follow his idol Jari Litmanen. He played for teams like Mikkelin Palloilijat and HJK before Ajax recruited him in 2016. He represents Finland in international tournaments and has played well with fellow Finnish star Teemu Pukki.

Sather is from Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia that isn’t well-known for football, but he is regarded as one of their young stars that can possibly take Malaysia to the World Cup. He has bounced around several teams like PDRM, Kuala Lumpur FC, and Selangor FA before being loaned to Liverpool in 2018. Sather has dominated in the Liverpool youth team before being promoted to their first team in 2019. He is the youngest Malay to play in the Premier League and plays as a midfielder alongside Sparta. His presence for Malaysia has elevated them to greater heights, going very far in the Asian Games and they even have a shot at making the World Cup.

Apab is the youngest star out of the crowd. He was born and raised in South Korea, and clubs like FC Seoul, Ulsan Hyundai, and Pohang Steelers have recruited him to join their youth teams. He excelled in his stint in the K-League playing for Pohang until Arsenal bought him in 2022 at the age of 18. He plays as a forward and represents South Korea alongside Son Heung-min and fellow youngster Lee Kang-in.

Poliet was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. Although from a nation that also prioritizes hockey over football, that didn’t stop him from playing in his youth. He played for Halifax Wanderers from 2012 to 2014 before being recruited by Toronto FC to join their academy at the age of 2014. He graduated in 2016 from Toronto's academy. Poliet has impressed Canada with his skills and he has a shot to take Canada to more World Cups in the future.

Feria has shown plenty of football talent in her youth playing for OL Reign and both Bayern and the US women’s team took note. She got signed by the German club in 2018 for their women’s side and plays as a forward. Feria is dubbed as the next Abby Wambach with her superb finishing skills and goal-scoring ability.

Miharr is also another American girl who has shown footballing talent. She played for Sky Blue FC in her youth days. Bayern also recruited her to join their women’s squad in 2018. She plays as a midfielder and is teammates with Feria in both Bayern and the USWNT.

IA is a British-American who is now the owner of Chelsea. He studied economics and made a lot of great investments to eventually garner a net worth big enough to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich. IA is one of the football elites who has control over club operations and signs the checks for players like Gor. He has since moved back to London from D.C. after his stint as an economic analyst.

South St Maarten was born and raised in New York. During his youth days, he played for New York RB and Montreal Impact before joining their senior squad in 2016. His skills and playstyle impressed scouts from around the world and PSV Eindhoven decided to buy the budding youngster from Montreal in 2017. He plays as a midfield defender for the Dutch club and for the Dutch national team.

Jim has been a part of the FIFA elite since 2010. He has voted on the best ideas and proposals for the sport such as Game 39 and letting Qatar host the World Cup. Jim’s unconventional ways have played a role for him to getting a top spot in FIFA’s board.

Deng Mohamed plays for CAR as a forward. He has repeatedly railed against the British who supposedly colonized his country and goes crazy on English players in friendlies between the CAR and England. Deng has many girlfriends off the pitch. End communication.

Pilipinas was born and raised in Manila. He played for local Manila youth teams before being recruited to play for Ulsan Hyundai. He is a midfielder and also plays for the Philippines national team.

Poland-Kaliningrad was born and raised in Poland. He has shown enough talent to get a stint at Lech Poznan, where he plays as a defender. He also plays for the Polish national team as a substitute.

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