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Region Name Times - April 19th - Volume XVI

Collapse: What Can the Party Salvage? - An Interview With Pius Desurongcrandis

Following Socoran's 8-0 defeat in the Elections Official Election, the largest Landslide in Regional History, the Regionian Party seemed ruined. The dream of Pius Desurongcrandis seemed to be crushed. However there is some excuse for this epic failure: Socoran did not campaign and only was in the race for Democracies sake. Minimark campaigned little also, but even a small number is greater than nothing. The party draw didn't happen, people didn't fall to a party just because ideals they advocate for. I sat down with party founder Pius Desurongcrandis to discuss this massive, soul crushing defeat. Here is our discussion:

So things this Thursday obviously didn't go the way you wanted. What went wrong?

What went wrong is the Region spoken on who wanted to be Election Official and it wasn't someone from the Regonian party. You can not deny the voice of the Region

So your saying that the Regionian Party is not popular with the Region because it is not good at governing? How will you have any confidence if you go in with that?

I'm not saying we aren't popular, we had a tough opponent that will do well in the office.

But what your saying is your ideology isn't popular enough with the Region so that peoples personal liking of a candidate could overtake it. So your saying in Regional Politics, people care more about the candidate than the ideas they bring. Isn't this dangerous and lead to a ruling class and loss of democracy?

The ideology isn't popular for Elections Official, we have to prove ourselves in the Speaker Election.

Ok. Moving the the Speaker Election, how are you going to change your campaign to do better?

We are going to listen to the members of the Region to see what they want.

Is that your only campaign plan?
Lack of Campaigning seemed to crush the Socoran campaign.
Are you going to try and fix that through hard campaigning?

We are going to look at our mistakes and correct them, we learn the most by our Mistakes

What were your mistakes? You said you lost because a candidate the Region liked was running and you guys are more suited for the Speakership?

With the lack of campaigning and the voices of the Region chose a different candidate.

Last question. Do you think the Regionian Party can survive if they lose the next election, the Speakership?

Only Time can tell.

Thank you.

The lack of confidence of the party founder casts a large shadow of doubt over the Parties future. Can they grow or even hold their members, or will they fall by the wayside and their Liberal Revolution fade away from Region Name?

Written by Minimark

Ominous Light: What the Elections Official Election Reveals About the Speaker Election

As we draw near the Speaker Election, much about voting trends and partisan politics has been made clear in the Region. First and foremost, if this wasn't clear, you need to campaign. Soviet Melonia II seems to be ahead at campaign as they already have many ads in the war chest. Pius Desurongcrandis believes his party will appeal by "listening to the people", an interesting strategy that requires a lot of campaigning. Pius II is riding his record, and given Mundanes re-election victory in February, riding a record isn't necessarily a bad strategy. However, according to Pius, people care more about the person than the policy they propose. The winner of the likability race is undecided, as Soviet Melonia II has a record of being a tyrant and has not previously held a big three public office, Pius Desurongcrandis is the first Regional Official to be impeached and founded our greatest rival that lasted 4 months, and Pius II is accused of being a criminal and is not super active in the Region. So who can make themselves more appealing? It appears conservative ideology was popular for the issues confronting the Elections Official, lets see if the liberal reformists can change the Speakership. It will be a clash between the three biggest ideologies in the Region, Conservative, Liberal, and Mundanian Inoffensive and now these people know they need to come out of the gate campaigning, and come out of the gate hard.

Written by Minimark

Minimark Wins Elections Official

The Elections Official election was one that some predicted was over before it even began, with Socoran openly stating he did not want the position. In the end, the election did not fail to meet those expectations. Minimark won by an absolute landslide, even greater than some could have predicted in an 8-0 victory. In what may have been one of the first elections with a simple majority victory, Minimark has called this “The failure of the Regionian party”. It may very well look like that, though only 1 member could vote in this election. With such a mandate from the people, let’s see how Minimark transforms the Legal Voters List to improve and support democracy in the region.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Disappointing End to Region Name Land Draft

The Region Name Land Draft. Everyone was excited and pumped to get in on some land action, but guess what? It took one whole week to get through only two rounds. After some puzzling land grabs and more strategic ones, the map was barely filled. The draft got stuck on a few picks where no one responded to the pick. Actually, it was way more than a few. Almost a quarter of the region didn't participate in their picks and this is what ended up dragging at the draft for so long. Because of this, Minimark and Mundane finally decided to cancel the third round and get role-play back up as soon as Round 2 ended. Some were angry that their draft trades went to waste while others were excited to start grabbing land off of the map. Some strategic moves made that this region had never really seen before was the picks of Apost. He is a new nation and decided that taking coastlines and islands throughout the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Indian Ocean was the best way to go. This gave him a huge boost in trade which will probably deeply help out his economy. That is just one of many other picks that were made. Overall though, the Land Draft just seemed to be a disappointment because of the lack of activity around the board.

Written by Pius II

The Inoffensive Party

Well, Region Name, guess what? We have another party in this region. I mean, it's a party, but it's against parties. So, there you have it, a party against parties. That's how some would put it, but being the founder of the Inoffensive Party, I have more to speak on it. I created it to defend the region against far-right and far-left beliefs. You may find that obvious because we can't have those type of beliefs or you may be a part of those beliefs and be wondering what the hell I'm thinking. Well, I'm thinking that I believe this region needs change, like the liberal ideology, but I also believe that a lot of things in the region need to stay right where they are, like the conservative ideology. So, Region Name, the Inoffensive Party isn't a party against parties, it is just a neutral party that doesn't want one belief or another to take over all of the beliefs of this region. There is no democracy if this region has one combined belief. There is no Region Name, so if you think you believe in this simple, neutral ideology of the Inoffensive Party, go ahead and join and we will protect Region Name together.

Written by Mundane

Anyone's Game

2 hours. All the 8 RNHL GMs had to make their case was 2 hours. They knew the going would be rough. 12 more games, 24 possible points. They had 2 hours to do all they could to try and get as much as they could. Each team did what they thought was best, and for some it was nothing. Lets go through.

The last place Hellererian Chemists had a glaring issue. They had high scoring, scoring depth, but 1 goaltender. In a league with many tandems, their relying on Goaltender Joe Wilkowski was surprising, and even through the trade deadline, they did nothing. They trust their roster, and are pushing to the end of the season. Another team following step were the tied for 6th Raiders of Ha-Ma-Grad, who have seemingly all the parts of a team besides a true number 1 scorer. They have no player above 7 goals as Dick Leaf rides with 13 at this point in the season. They made no change, hoping someone like Erik Jackson can come out and become that number 1. Finally the New Gwapington Johngas stuck their head in the sand and stood still. This is more justified as they have been a top half team, with a high scorer, top 3 goaltender, just missing scoring depth. Hoping their bottom line can begin to produce, they marched on.

Only one trade did not involve the Marksburg Mustangs whom we will discuss later, and it was between Pius II and Pius Desurongcrandis. Both teams hoping for either a solid backup or a potential top 5 starter, they swapped backup goalies and Pius Desurongcrandis got Pius II's second round draft pick. Ryan Mills moving to Pius II and Tom Crocket moving to Pius Desurongcrandis, its on them to prove themselves.

The Marksburg Mustangs are the most trade happy team in the league by all means. Given their struggles in the first half of the season, they were looking for a path to success. Trading appeared as this, much before the trade deadline. Being the first team to establish a farm team (Utamville Whalers) and immediately begin exchanging players shows their dedication. Then on April 1st, 2020 they traded for first line Left wing Danny Shmo from Mundane, and 2nd line right wing Larry West from Pius Desurongcrandis, giving up their starting center in the trade for Shmo. After the injury of new starting center Nels Stewart, they traded Hooley Smith, the last remaining center from the beginning of the season on the roster at the time and D-Man JC Tremblay for Hunter Qatar, an unproven 2nd line center. They then traded former captain Eddie Shore to Mundane for 2nd line D-Man Enya Mounthole who had some scoring success. They also gave their 2nd round pick.

Great Patrick then reached out for a large exchange of multiple defensemen and pick, which the extremely trade battered Marksburg trimmed down to giving 3rd Line Center and great person for scoring depth, Center Ron Francis, to Great Patrick in exchange for Defenseman Melvin Gill and Great Patrick's 2nd round pick.

We are starting to see the results of these trades. The Raiders and Chemists have remained stagnant going 1-1 this week, while the Johngas beat the first place Redhawks who still maintain a 3 point lead over Pius II, Pius Phoenixes, and Johngas. The Phoenixes and Groove battled it out in a 5-4 nail-biter starting both traded goalies and having a scoring fest. The Phoenixes get their first win in 6 games (25% of the season!) and the Groove prove they still got scoring depth even though Ryan Mills didn't come through and had a high GAA, but Jack Smack appreciates the new net-minder as he has had his best save percentages yet this year. The Mustangs also went 1-1 as this new suite of players need time to work together to become the Marksburg Mustangs again. They are still a long shot for the playoffs, as the Falcons and Phoenixes continue to battle for first in the Regionian division, and the Groove and Johngas battle for 2nd in the Nameian division, below Mundane, of course.

For Full RNHL Stats, Scores, and News, check out this dispatch: Here.

Written by Minimark

2020 Region Name Summer Games Preview

This June, all eyes will be on Rommel Center, Mundane for the very exciting 2020 Region Name Summer Games! The Region's best athletes will compete for their nation and for glory! Already, eight nations are sending teams for the chance of Athletic Glory. The most popular teams include Mundane, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis, Minimark, and Great Patrick. The Summer Games will include events in Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming/Diving, Baseball, Track & Field, Tennis, Golf, Triathalon, Rugby, Rowing, Cycling, and Shooting Sports. It's not too late to sign up for the 2020 Summer Games and show off your nation's athletic abilities. Your lineups must be submitted by June 5th for a chance at the grand prize, the Holy Lands of New York! We will see you June 7th-28th in Rommel Center, Mundane. Good luck!

Written by Pius Desurongcrandis, Edited by Mundane

Pius Desurongcrandis wants to be Speaker.
But there's just one problem:

He's a Former Criminal.

- Pius Desurongcrandis was found guilty and sentenced to a 30 day ban for violation of the Charter.
- Before the sentencing was declared and enforced, he was informed of the Court's finding.
- Filled with rage, he ejected the founder and left the region.
- His final words, "f*ck Region name"

Don't believe me? Read it yourself.

Pius Desurongcrandis wrote:F*ck Region Name

Vote Soviet Melonia II for Speaker.

Written by Soviet Melonia II

Writers and Editors: Mundane, Minimark, Soviet Melonia II, Pius II, Pius Desurongcrandis