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Fast Facts About Dukin Donuts

Timeline Divergence
the following addresses differences in the Dukin Donuts timeline

- LinkRetrofuturism, Dukin Donuts is based in an alternate retrofuture timeline starting from the 1970s to the current year of 2000. Most inspiration comes from LinkUsborne’s World of the Future series, many of the events and technologies described in the book are canon in the Dukin Donuts timeline.

the following addresses the political reality in the Dukin Donuts timeline

- Superstate, the American states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut with some eastern parts of New York and Pennsylvania have formed the New England Commonwealth.

- LinkCorporatocracy, The New England Commonwealth’s government is dominated by corporate business interests.

the following addresses business side changes in the Dukin Donuts timeline

- LinkMegacorporation, Dukin Donuts has become a massive conglomerate, with monopolistic power in Food & Beverage Industry.

- LinkDunkin’ , among other things, is retitled as Dukin Donuts and was not acquired by Baskin-Robbins' holding company Allied Domecq.

-You Lose, Tim Horton, Dukin Donuts sufficiently promotes its brand and offerings and will avoid the crippling 2003 lawsuit from Quebec franchisees. Dukin Donuts ever increases its presence in Canada, defeating and buying out Canadian competitor LinkTim Hortons in an intense Franchise War.

the following addresses some minor differences in the Dukin Donuts timeline

- Munchkins, the real-life Dunkin’ Donuts name for donuts holes, is instead just Donut Holes.

-Flavored Sour Cream, I.e. strawberry or other non-cream flavors were briefly experimented by Dukin Donuts in a few select locations. They were quickly discontinued due to disappointing customer reviews. (Thus saving the planet from annihilation by the Sildorians.)


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