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Imperial Black Knights || Stormtroopers

Battle Cry: "For the Lady of Loc Aris we die for!"
Exemplar (leader): Norcano Velfurion
Specialty: Shock Assaults, Hit and Run, Trench Warfare

LinkTheme Song - LOTR The Rohirrim
Imperial Black Knights of Loc Aris

It is an all-Elvish order specialized in shock assaults and hit and run tactics. Often, they utilize and mount on armored Griffins while in combat. Despite the edge granted by the Griffin's speed and abilities, the Black Knights are most effective in full scale battles when accompanied by other Imperial forces.
The Black Knights themselves center their branch around to honour Lady Loc Aris' death during the Galactic of Curse and to punish those responsible for her death. This meant that the Black Knights were adamant on their independent campaigns to exterminate, often lighting entire enemy cities on fire and slaughtering unarmed vampires. Any opposing force unequal to their strength and zeal is unlikely to remain unscathed.


During the later year 650 LAC, The Black Knights were originally known as the The Sage Warriors before the nation's founding operated solely in within elvish borders and served the old Elvish monarchy. They wore black armor with sage-green sashes - a color that symbolizes elvish identity. They conducted tournaments within their ranks, emphasized on brotherhood and rode on Griffins. Even to this day, they still do all of these practices now cemented as a tradition.
During the Galactic Curse, The Sage Warriors pledged their allegiance to Lady Deline of Loc' Aris as they saw her as a divine figure able to bring about light in a galaxy at war instead of the bureaucrats that lead The Triple Alliance . They fought alongside her all the way up to her death in the hands of demons, causing the Sage Warriors to be outraged.
For her death, the Sage Warriors embarked on a personal campaign of blood. They aimed to destroy entire legions of vampiric warriors and demons, and they did. During this time, they dipped their sage-green sashes and capes into a barrel of their enemies' blood
They eventually renamed themselves into the Black Knights of Loc Aris and made their centuries long campaign last all the way into the War of Vengeance. In the new period of peace, the Imperial Military attempted to absorb the order as a branch. Since, the Black Knights valued their independence, they denied the request but the military pushed back, resulting a in a feud.
Eventually, Basiliarch Leon II intervened and allowed the Black Knights to remain independent at the price of making them reprehensible and punishable if they commit any crime. The Black Knights agreed to this offer and kept their sovereign order. In the present times, the Knights have decided to cease their campaign after a millennia of slaughtering and instead focus on gaining new recruits, creating new tournaments and reforming their Code of Honour.

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